Town Under Siege

Surprisingly, this is a pretty good two player map.

Personally I don't like two player maps, I find them two small, and two people play...


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Surprisingly, this is a pretty good two player map.

Personally I don't like two player maps, I find them two small, and two people playing on a four person map is good. This however is a lot of fun. Its a pretty narrow map. In between the starting points of each side is a village. Scattered throughout the village are oil derricks, which you should probably pick up considering you have very few supply docks.

There are some bunkers off to the site of each base, which are completely useless because who would attack there?

All in all this is a good two player map, and well worth the download.

Players: 2 AI Enabled: Yes Oil Derricks: Many Oil Refineries: Some Hospitals: None Supply Docks: Few Supply Piles: None Civilian Buildings: Many Bunkers: Few

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//Map Name
Name: Town-Under-Siege
Revision: Version 1.0
Created By: Padwah -

Size: 100x300
Players: 2
AI-Enabled: No
Supply Docks: 2(per player)
Oil Derricks: 6
Oil Refinery: 1

Set deep in the mountains the town of Murnareq has struck oil, and lots of it
making the newly rich town a prized possession for whoever controls it
and now the picturesque town is under attack from both sides!

The two bases are at opposite ends of the long map seperated by the town of 
Murnareq itself, a compact town that centres around the newly established oil
refinery. Each base has access to higher ground vantage points at either side
of the map that are also host to the towns extra oil derricks. 
Watchout for the towns supply train though, it wont stop for anything....

I think it plays pretty well and hopefully you will too :)

1:- Unzip the Contents of this folder.
2:- Copy the folder to your "My Documents/C&C Generals/Maps" directory.

//Future Revisions
-Streamline the town. There are currently quite a lot of objects in the map
at the moment, it hasn't caused any problems for me but could be an issue for
lower specced machines.
-Add AI Waypoints for single player gaming
-Weather, currently I've not done anything with the daylight/weather settings.

Email them to me at

//Copyright Doings
This map is eclusive to me, Padwah, If you are going to host this on your
website/FTP then make sure to credit myself and leave this readme file intact
with the rest of the map! Otherwise I'll tell my dad on you nasty people...

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