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now finally we have our first Zero:Hour skins up!! its bloody awesome i tell ya, check out the potd here. that is a picture of one of the sniper's skin, you cant even see it!! hell, human players are gonna have a banging time trying to trace that bugger. all the rest of the skins blows! they just rock. check this out, it has desert, woodland and urban themed skin. what more can you ask huh? best skin ever yet!! but sadly, its only available for the USA side. but hey, thats e only downside.



by Fallen Crusader (Admiral "Jimmy" W.)

Greetings fellow Generals!
I was quite disappointed with the skins which EA provided with Generals. Ive found this feeling
to be mutual throughout the generals community. (What?! There's actually MUTUAL FEELINGS there??!!!)
So, I thought I may invest some time in creating these for you all.
Several resources have inspired these skins. Namely, Tom Clancy's first person shooter "Ghost Recon",
Half Life Opposing Force and the most recent Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Each has a specific theme - Urban, Woodland and Desert camo. All - for their own reasons - are
accurate to today's military camo standards. (Most especially the Woodland and Desert schemes)

the textures in this skin pack were made by me and examples of the unshrunk (Is this a word?) textures
and their inspiration can be found in this .zip file.

Each folder contains a specific set of camouflage skins. They should each be easy enough to work out.

The sniper skins have been left seperate of the rest for the simple reason that Guille suits are very
versatile in almost any environment. Snipers can position themselves in any environment with the same
guille suit and still remain unseen. Even the most green of woodlands will often have dead scrub or
long grass which will suit the desert camo in this skin pack. For this reason, Ive left the option of
which Sniper skin you want completely up to you.

I should also add that these new snipers are VERY hard to see if you happen to put them in a hidden 
place in the game. The skins blend them in to the landscape very well.

After unzipping the contents of the Zip file, to install these skins, place the contents of your 
desired camo folder (For example, "zhca_airanger" located in the "Desert Camo" folder) in to your
Generals\Art\textures directory. (If this is your first mod, you will need to create the art\textures
directories yourself.) Place the .dds files for the sniper skin and any other .tga files you want to
use in this directory.

Feel free to play around with 'em, and most importantly, enjoy them. If I get time, I may work on 
Colonel Burton as well to perhaps try and remove the whole "Rambo" fab thing hes got going... 
In the mean time, Happy hunting!

-Jim w.

Thanks to:

OzCommander - for the "US Infantry Skins" that I found most helpful in my learning stages of 

Will Kugler - for the tutorial on "Seemless textures" in Photoshop

The '1337' community of Generals Online - for kicking my ass in so many online games and forcing
me to try modding instead. If it werent for you guys, this skin wouldn't exist. ;)

Any Questions of comments please direct to: [email protected]

Skins first published on the 2nd of October 2003. Exclusive to www.cnc-files.com

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