XCC Mixer



A utility that allows you to create, edit, modify and view all sorts of C&C related files. It covers Tiberian Dawn through Zero Hour. You can view ALL files, no matter what game they're from. The readme file is old, so it doesn't say everything you need to know. If it tends to freeze while starting up, hold down the shift key while it's starting. That will work.



This is the MIX manager for C&C: Tiberian Sun. It also works for C&C: Tiberium Dawn and C&C: Red Alert and all expansion packs. It let's you view the contents of all MIX files and let's you extract any file you want. 
An installation is not required. However, this program places some keys in the registry. 

If you've got a question about this program, please visit the XCC Home Page and post a message in the forum.
If you've encountered a bug or would like to give your opinion about this program, feel free to e-mail me. 

Olaf van der Spek
Almere, Holland

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