Zero Hour Advanced Gameplay



Zero Hour Advanced Gameplay gives you a whole new way to play Zero Hour. A vastly expanded generals points system, renamed Army Points, allow you to choose to enable units for production, with this in mind you can fully customise your army with more powerful units becoming available when promoted. Your favourite genpowers are also available for purchase.

With the new points system the Generals become obsolete thus leaving the three Vanilla factions. Choose to swarm with China's infantry or eliminate the opposition with devastating nuclear attacks. Unlock the Skies with the US air force, or show true grit taking the fight to the ground. Strike from all angles with the GLA or pepper the enemy with toxins before strolling up for the kill. Your favourite additions from Zero Hour are still available, with the option to turn paltry red guards into elite minigunners or strap that laser onto the Crusader and go frying. The choice is yours.

The launcher should work, if not try changing file paths in the properties, and there is an icon should you want to make your desktop pretty. Failing all that just change the mod between gib and big to play.

No AI support is included, but the tendancy of hard AI to use genpoint units may allow you to face stealth fighters/marauders should the fancy take you.


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