Zero Hour Plus

zero_hour_plus_v1.00c.exe —



- USA Defense General - Fixed Boss General and renamed as China Boss General - GLA Technology General - Added and replaced some mp3 tracks for a new style of gameplay - Game Clock added


The newly added Generals are unable to be played as CPU. Instead, use them as player-controlled.

The mod is still unstable and will experience game crash during the game. To avoid game crash, do the following:

1. Set the graphics to default. For high-end PCs, set the texture detail to the highest.

2. When using USA Defense General during skirmish or Generals Challenge, BUILD AT LEAST 1 Cluster Cannon.



WHAT'S NEW IN v1.00c?

- GLA Patriot Missiles have doubled the payload

- Removed all camo-netted buildings except defenses on GLA Technology General

- Replaced the Scud Storm to Fake Cluster Cannon (same Cluster Cannon but weaker damage)

- Removed the scripts included in the installer for instant uninstall

- Replaced the GLA Supply Stash to Amercia Supply Center

WHAT'S NEW IN v1.00b?

- Laser Gattling Turret now fires like a gattling cannon but damage like a Patriot Missile

- Added Stealth Fighter equipped with Black Napalm Missiles to GLA Technology General

- Replaced a new shell map for easy loading

- Replaced some mp3 tracks for a new style of gameplay

WHAT'S NEW IN v1.00a?

- Replaced the Laser Turret and EMP Patriot System into a Laser Gattling Turret

- Replaced the Aurora Alpha to Hypersonic Aurora in USA Defense General

- Removed the Tech Buildings and added into the Command Set for GLA Technology General

- Tunnel Network in GLA Technology General now fires like a Gattling Cannon


1. Uninstall any mod and repair if necessary.
2. Patch the Zero Hour to it's latest version. (Run patch first)
3. Install the mod by double clicking the installer.

NOTE: Make sure you make a backup first to avoid conflicts.

Contacts: [email protected]

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