Zero Hour Reloaded

Zero Hour Reloaded V4.0 is out! This mod modifies the generals in Zero Hour and adds 3 more, USA Modern Weapons General, China Napalm, and...


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Zero Hour Reloaded V4.0 is out! This mod modifies the generals in Zero Hour and adds 3 more, USA Modern Weapons General, China Napalm, and GLA Assault General. More than 50 new units and many new things to Zero Hour in this mod. Look at read me for more details.

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Zero Hour Reloaded V4.0
By Jakeydude666 (Jake Cozens)
Released 29th January

This Mod edits all the generals and what they have
Adds 3 new generals: USA modern weapons, China Napalm and GLA assault generals.
Also adds lots of new units for all sides. Too many to list.
Over 50 New units.
Adds Russia as a subfaction of china, They use all china's buildings but have their own
Defenses and vehicles and infantry. Also adds the UK which are a subfaction of USA. Use most USA
Vehicles and defense but have all new units

WARNING- If you like the Original generals loading screens,
 Back up 00000000.016, 00000000.256 and Install_Final.bmp
 before Installation. Note, this is not important

A back-up of the original scripts are installed to C&CZH/Data/Back-Up

Latest patches are required for this mod

Double Click on installer

Choose Uninstall in the start menu or Control panel-> add or remove
Extract the Scripts.ZIP to C:\Program Files\EA Games\Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour\Data

This mod is for Zero hour only
I don't think there are any (Woo-Hoo)

Whats new?
Lots of units, a new faction, 8 level generals points system. 

Some Units

Tornado Bomber- Jet, Only uses bombs.
Eurofighter Typhoon- Ground and air targeting
AS-90 Braveheart- UK artillery
Challenger 2- UK's main battletank
MLRS- Can be upgraded to use Ground-to-Air missiles

Typhoon Sub- Cruise missiles and torpedos
Shilka tank- AA Capabilities bullet based tank
GH-71- Gamma Radiation based weapons
Apocolypse tank- Machine gun, AP cannons and Missiles (AA)
SA-6 Gainful - Anti Air only. Armed with 3 Radar guided missiles.

To Come
A mod editing the original sides and replacing the original
factions with generals, the removal of Russia and the UK
I might just convert to BFME and eventually RA3

Thank yous.
Thanks to Sleipnir for the Window menu
Thanks to The Hunter for the curving rocket effect 
that the Rocket buggies used in alpha Generals.
Thanks to warsn7per for his Shell map
Thanks to Shacks and  Zim-[Felin] for their new skins
Thanks to Immoman for the tesla Fx
Thanks to the Second Wave team for their open source (found Russian models there!)
Most of my Russian models i think are someone elses but i dont know who. Tell me who you are and ill add your name here. You get credit, who ever you are...
Thanks to everyones Models and cameo's who i used (chrisV80 , The_Hunter, Trex238, Just_West, Sleipnir, Vanguard, Taran, Pestilence64, The NWG Team, Old_Man_Funk, Vengence, Anus_Panda (even though he did not want any), Cattmann, Coolfire, Chronofish, Tha Scorpion King, Creator and Sir Maddoc And Westwood i suppose)
Special Thanks to Chris Hill (help is appriciated) and thanks to Aaron "Nuclear" Nelson 
Big thanks to Fritz for the Models of his that i used.
Huge thanks to anyone i forget (i have amnesia) i am not being rude, just stupid.
Thanks to PCTeen1 for his Dozer Drop TUT

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