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This is version 3 of TheGunrun's Retarded mod.



Zero Hour Retarded (v3.0)

Readme Version 2.0

Read-me & Mod by TheGunrun.

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-This mod is intended for use for C&C Generals Zero Hour ONLY-

Tested using latest version of Generals Zero Hour 

(v1.04) without problems.

Long Live Westwood
Forever..Long Live C&C!

Copyright January 27, 2006:

You Have permission to use my files for modifying your Generals game. You do not have permission to edit them without my permission. Ifs, ands, ors, or buts are not within my league! Just ask me! 

E-Mail me @ [email protected] to ask for permission.

Run the .msi and keep clicking next unless you installed zero hour to a different directory than the default "C:\Program Files\EA Games\Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour"

Read the "How to uninstall file."

New Units/Big Unit Changes:

Generals' Unit-
All Generals
Weapon is nothing unless your gla. If this unit dies you will unable to build anymore dozers of that general's faction unless you own a basic faction's battle lab type building. These units are not constructible so when they die your screwed unless you find out how to turn your command center into your basic faction's one.

GLA Anthrax Plane-
All GLA Factions
Weapon is a super anthrax thing. Kills the drivers in tanks (Like in real life right? XD) The range is huge on the anthrax and the plane's health is pretty low. I have it some anti missile lazers just for the hell of it thou. You can construct these at the GLA airfield.

GLA's Stolen Spectra Gunship-
All GLA Factions
Its basically a Spectra Gunship you can control like a raptor. For the GLA faction... It has all the stuff like the howitzer and gun thing. I made it fly all crappy to simulate a GLA guy flying it. You can construct these at the GLA airfield.

GLA Demo Trap Layer-
Demo General
It's basically a technical with out a weapon that constructs demo traps. You are able to make these at any DemoGen Weapons Dealers.

Black Lotus-
All China Factions
I made Black Lotus have super hacking abilities. She can now hack at 4 times longer range and 3 times faster. If your infantry general its 5 times longer range and 4 times faster. Its fun belive me and it balances out everything.

CIA Agents-
All USA Factions
They come free with any general and you can build them. They are fast infantry killers and they plant bombs Burton style.

HazMat Infantry-
All USA Factions
They are trainable from any USA barracks. They clean up anthrax/radiation and they spray chemicals at enemy infantry.

China Elite-
Infantry General
These guys come in packs of 20's. 10 Mini Gunners and 10 Rocket Peoples. They act as a team and get promoted as a team. They respawn the dead and are built to house inside of Assault Helixes. Quite Xpensive thou.

V3 Rocket Launcher-
All USA Factions
Weapon is 3 Tomahawk Missiles With Ability to Attack Air Units.

Gunther, Lord of the Smackdown-
China Tank General
Max Type of unit is 3. Its a huge ass emperor tank that can travel up cliffs and through waters.
Weapons are about 3 times are strong as the emperor's weapons. Health is ubered up to hella strong.

Assault Helix-
China Infantry General
Max Type of unit is 3
Its a huge ass Assault Helix capable of holding 20 infantry units. Its health has been tripled.

All China Factions
Can now move up cliffs and through water.

They all can now go up and down cliffs.

Superweapon changes/additions:

Nuclear Missile-
Its realistic now. Total Killage everywhere.

Baikonur Explosion-
Its all anthraxy and stuff. Fun time with its 3 min reload.

Tank Drop-
Tank General
With its 1 Gunter in every drop its mad nice for taking out an enemy base. Comes with 10 Battle Masters too.

Infantry Drop-
Infantry General
50+ Infantry in each drop. Half MiniGunners Half Tank Hunter. Quite Nice. BTW Watch out for cliffs 

All Carpet Bombings-
Now have THREE planes per carpet bomb, this means uber destruction! This also applies to GLA's anthrax bomb general promotion.

Emergency Repair-
This now heals all things now, including infantry tanks and buildings.

Building changes:

Made all supply centers/stashes/places give 500$ every 12 seconds to simulate how governments seem to pull money outa thin air sometimes.

Added GLA Airfield-
Gives ability to make Anthrax Planes and Stolen Spectra.

Added Baikonur Uplink Station-
Superweapon building which gives baikonur superweapon.Fake buildings are now build instantly but tell hell of a long time to turn into real ones.

Added China Nuclear Reactor-
Gives 1000 power but if blown up your friggin screwed as hell.If your nuclear missile building is destroyed you get a nuclear explosion right in your base now!

General Specific Abilities:

It's Balanced Trust me ;)

Tank General-
Instant Tanks (Sort of [Really Fast])
Uber Tank Drop

Infantry General-
Uber Uber Lotu s
Big ass infantry drop

Nuclear General-
Hella fast nuke cannons
More Deadly nuke migs
Unholy Nuclear Missile

Stealth General-
Even Stealthier than Usual

Anthrax General-
More Anthrax
Instant Toxin Rebels

Demo General-
Demo Trap Layer
Instant Terrorist

Superweapon General-
New Aurora Model

Airforce General-
Instant Aircraft

Lazer General-
Stronger Lazers

There are lots more changes to the game but it is imposible to list them all. This read me is the best I could do to recall them all.

Music Used in Retarded:

"All I Want" by Offspring 

"America, Fuck Yeah (Bummer Remix)" from Team America: World Police

"The Queen Of Chinatown" by Amanda Lear

"The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" by LEMON DEMON

"Katamari On The Rocks" from Katamari Demacy

"Explosive" by Bond

"Tunak Tunak Tun" by Daler Mehndi

"Overture" from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar

"Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin

"Layla" by Eric Clapton

"FOX NFL Theme" + "FOX NFL Hot Beat" from FOX SPORTS

"Neighbourhood 3 (Power Out)" by The Arcade Fire

"The Riddle" by Gigi D'Agostino

Programs Used to create Retarded:



Install Shield 11

Windows Explorer


Notepad (THIS IS THE SH*t!)

Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour


Retarded Beta Testers:






Things I Did While Making Retarded:

Watched the animes Shuffle! & Da Capo.

Played Kingdom of Loathing (talk to me on radio chat!), Counter Strike: Source, C&C Renegade, and Katamari Demacy.

YOUR MOM! (sorry just had to lol..)

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