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Command & Conquer: Generals Modtoaster update! New mods added

2 new mods have been added to Modtoaster! The first is Tower Defense : Trinity Force Demo V2. You can visit their site for more info on this mod, and download it on its own from here. Project raptor has been updated to 7.0 as well. Both mods are well worth a look!


Command & Conquer: Generals Renegade Alert Movies

C&C World (Offline) has posted up a high rez and low rez version of a video they made for the Renegade Alert mod. The video contains 8 minutes of ingame footage accompanied by Hell March. Here are the download links: Low Version High Version


Command & Conquer: Generals Second Wave ZH out!

Second Wave adds a new factiong to Zero Hour: The British. Download here


Command & Conquer: Generals Command & Conquer Generals Demo

Well, its not that ya all dont own a copy of Generals but for those of you who havent bought it or tried it out should really try this demo out. The Single Player Demo for Command & Conquer Generals includes a full mission from each one of the three factions in the game - the high-tech U.S. forc...


Command & Conquer: Generals EA GAMES launch Official Zero:Hour multiplayer map!

yes its out!! finally, more like launched on a saturday. anyways, here the link to download the map named, 'North America', -- Go get it!! insert below is the minimap.. i will review the map real soon, probably by tonight. i have my brother's...


Command & Conquer: Generals GeneralsTech Trees

The EA FTP has some PDF files on the generals tech tree. Get them here.