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Command & Conquer: Generals RA: Chrono Device T-54 & Akula

The RA Chrono Device team has given us yet another two renders of two upcoming units for the Russian Resistance faction. The first, is the T-54 Tank which is equipped with a 100mm D-10T gun. The second is the Akula Attack Submarine. To find out more about this mod, visit their website.


Command & Conquer: Generals RA: Chrono Device Wall and Silo

The RA: Chrono Device team has just given us two new renders to take a look at. First, we have the wall, and secondly we have the Silo. Both of these models were skinned by General Macauther. To find out more about this mod, take a look at their website.


Command & Conquer: Generals Operation Restore Justice MEP Generator

The Operation Restore Justice team has given us a brand new render of their MEP (Mobile Electric Power) Generator. It is to be for the US Faction. It was modeled and skinned by Thierry. To find out more about this mod, stop by their website.


Command & Conquer: Generals C&C World Rebellion Soviet Tank Factory

The CnC World Rebellion team has given us a new model of the Soviet Tank Factory, which is to replace the old Soviet War Factory. It will produce all tracked and heavily armored vehicles. When the Soviet Union was reinstated, it needed to build tanks fast, and tearing the old factories down to build new ones would be expensive and take far too long. So inste...


Command & Conquer: Generals Cold War Crisis: T64 & BMP-2

The CWC Team has released a new model, and a remodel for us. First, is the Russian T-64 with its 125mm main cannon. It will be the standard tank for the USSR. They've also remodeled and reskined their 30mm BMP-2. It now fits the actual style much better. The CWC Team is also still looking for Voice Actors. The more the merrier. Look to this forum for the...


Command & Conquer: Generals Generals Alpha America Supply Truck

The Generals Alpha team has released some more excellent models from their upcoming mod. This one showcases the America Supply Truck. We have Chrizz to thank for this great looking model. The pictures also show a difference between the one made by Chrizz vs the EA Supply Truck. They've also unveiled their version of the American Supply Center. To find out...


Command & Conquer: Generals New Chinese Shockwave Renders

The Shockwave team has just unveiled two more renders from the Chinese generals in the upcoming 0.9 version. The first is the Berserk MLRS for General Fai and the second is the Tank Bunker for General Kwai. The Hunter was responsible for skinning and modeling both of these renders. To find more news and renders from this mod, visit their homepage


Command & Conquer: Generals Cold War Crisis releases a new model and ingame screenshots!

Cold War Crisis has released a new model and, screenshots of the another unit in action! The CWC team released the M109 "Paladin" artillery model today. They have also released screenshots of the M2A1 "Bradley" at work in the game.


Command & Conquer: Generals New Shockwave models!

Yea, the Shockwave mod team just gave us two new models for their mod Shockwave 0.9. They look very good these models are for the USA faction.