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Command & Conquer: Generals CNC World Rebellion models

The CNC World Rebellion guys have posted up a model of the Soviet Halo Helicopter. Here's a thumb of that model: Head to the CNC World Rebellion website to check out more.


Command & Conquer: Generals CNC Bricks Lego Model

For those of you into lego blocks n building things out of them, the CNC Bricks website is dedicated to just that. They build C&C stuff using lego bricks, etc. Webmaster Neteye's latest project is the Gap Generator from Red Alert. You can check out the pic (model) HERE. And there's also an animated version of the model as well. Check that out...


Command & Conquer: Generals Frontline Models

The Frontline team has posted new unit models on the mod's forums. They'd also like to remind everyone that they're still in dire need of a coder and a map maker for Zero Hour. If you're interested in helping out, e-mail: forums address:


Command & Conquer: Generals C&C Reneclips Model

C&C Reneclips has added a new tank model to their site! It looks very interesting. Here's the picture: Head to C&C Reneclips to find out more about this model!