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Yuris Revenge

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All Files In Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Yuris Revenge
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Yuris Revenge Secret Areas

Nice map, a little deatiled it good for long naval battles, Each player has a limited build room, and a bridge that lead to the Gems and ore...


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Yuris Revenge The World At War 1

Here's an Art of Defense map for Yuri's Revenege!!! A little unstable, but it's fun.


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Yuris Revenge Country Town Crossfire V.2

This is a map set in the country with a small urban town in the centre. Each player has equal resources and his/her own section for buildi...


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Yuris Revenge OMC3 Map Pack

Here are the top seven maps from the open map competion, all in one handy pack.


Yuris Revenge Berlin Division

Here's a four player map for Yuri's Revenge, with plenty of tech buildings, ore and gems, and good places to battle. It shows what the B...


Yuris Revenge VGsatomi Final Mappack

It contains all the maps that he has made throughout his mapping carreer with YR. He has ended making maps for YR and moved onto Warcraft 3...


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Yuris Revenge The World At War Level 2 BARBAROSSA

This is a 6 player, snowy map for Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge. View readme for more information.


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Yuris Revenge Citidel

A 4-player Yuri's Revenge map with two different terrain types. The top two players get a cityscape while the bottom get a grassy area. I...


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Yuris Revenge Russian Whisky

This map was made as a Single Player idea, but it turn out that his Single player maps suck, so he made this map for Yuri's revange...Russi...


Yuris Revenge SandStorm Desert

This is a Medium-Large 2-player desert map with moderate resources. There is an airport and a base with army tents. There are also 20 oil d...


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Yuris Revenge Joseph Stalin's Moon Base

Here's a 6-player map for Mental Omega, a mod for Yuri's Revenge....


Yuris Revenge Moon Base

A new and improved version of Joeseph Stalin's Moon Base. Now we have terrain adjustments creating a more rough landscape. The bases with...


Yuris Revenge Scars of Battle

A snowy 2v2 map for Yuri's Revenge. The start positions are in the four corners and the teams should be top vs. bottom. The top two and bo...


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Yuris Revenge The World at War Level 3

To Play (Level 3) To play this mutiplayer online cooperative third missions for now more then 5 players:Yuris Revenge disc required. Extr...


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Yuris Revenge Small Town Invasion

Both base are put out opposite of the town left and right. Small town to the south and a farmhouse to the north. The Town has two oil derric...


Yuris Revenge GAU´s Ra2: Yuris' Rache MapPack

GAU´s Ra2: Yuris' Rache MapPack contains 15 new Yuri's Revenge maps! The list of screenshots and the map descriptions are in order from left...