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A gameplay modification of RedAlert2 allowing the player to build/train units that start as veterans. Each nation has a different set of uni...


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A gameplay modification of RedAlert2 allowing the player to build/train units that start as veterans. Each nation has a different set of units that start as veterans giving the each nation an edge over the other. This mod also makes each nation from either side play differently form one another. Some build faster, some have better armor, some are better with vehicles, and some are better with infantry. Also features a new SPY unit for the soviet forces. Also included is a new method of playing Unholy Alliance on any game type

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Version 1.05

Files: rules.ini, ra2.csf 
(if newly reinstalled, run the game first and exit before installing this mod)
[Add these to RA2 directory]

note: best for RedAlert2 v1.006, freeforall game set at random nations

British: 	Veterans[GI,Sniper]
French: 	Veterans[Grizzly,IFV], 
Germans: 	Veterans[MirageTanks,PrismTanks], 
Americans: 	Veterans[SEALS,Rocketeers], 
Koreans: 	Veterans[GI,Rocketeers], 
Russians:	Veterans[RhinoTanks,V3Launcher]
Cubans:		Veterans[CrazyIvan,FlakTroopers]
Libyans:	Veterans[TeslaTroopers,FlakTrack]
Iraqi:		Veterans[Conscripts,FlakTroopers,WarMiners]
Chrono Delay: Reduced (balanced)
Ore Price: 50
Gem Price: 150
Stolen Allied MCV: Requires stolen Allied Tech (for Soviets)
Stolen Soviet MCV: Requires stolen Soviet Tech (for Allies)
Soviet KGB Operative: SPY unit (soviet only)
Spy (allied only)
Navy Seal: Enabled
Tanya: Forbbiden to Soviets
Yuri: Forbbiden to Allies
Chrono Commando: Forbbiden to Soviets
Chrono Ivan: Forbbiden to Allies
Psi-Commando: Forbbiden to Soviets
Yuri Prime: Forbbiden to Allies
(techstolen infantry may be available to both sides in some campaign missions)
Flak Track: New ground weapon: vulcan machinegun (weakened)
Spy type infantry: available with any barracks and techcenter
(Spy and KGB)
Pill boxes and Sentry guns: price: 300, adjacent: 10
Walls: adjacent: 10

From v1.00
Stolen MCV string bugs
Wrong starting MCV bug
From v1.01
Campaign Bug: Soviet: "The Fox and the Hound" campaign
(no spy available)
From v1.02
Flak Track Machine Gun: Campaign: Allied: "Sun Temple"
-weakened : damage 8, burst 3, ROF 45
From v1.03
Made spy available with any type of barracks and battle lab
From v1.04
Increase/Balanced Chrono Delay from previous versions

Other Bugs:
Superweapon Availability in some missions - not yet fixed
Internal error - seldom occurs
Security Program - no workaround (reinstall the game)
there are no other known bugs

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