Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 v1.004 Patch - German

The fourth official patch for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.


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The fourth official patch for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.

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Download 'RA21004DE.EXE' (2.35MB)


* RA2 now allows you to play “Free for All” in Skirmish mode. Now the AI can attack each other and not just the player.
* Hotkeys and Interface changes added:
** Right clicking on the mouse centers on the Radar Screen instead of deselecting the player’s units.
** Press the “Spacebar” to cycle through last 8 EVA events. “Space Bar” now also goes to “Ally under Attack” EVA event.
** Players can now place Rally Points on Service Depots.
** The “Q” & “W” keys that select Tab Buttons now grab a completed building for the cursor. Pressing again places that building.
** Press “Ctrl” + “Arrow” keys to jump to the edges of the map.
** Page User is bound to “U”.
** Health Navigation, Veterancy Navigation, and Previous Unit hotkeys are now unbound. They can be rebound in the Keyboard Configuration menu.
* Observer Mode: RA2 now has an Observer Mode that allows 1 player to watch other player’s games. Particularly useful for Korean television shows and tournaments.
** There is a new checkbox at the top of the bunkers that players can check to observe games. Clicking it will switch the “Join” button to “Observe” and vice versa.
** In the game setup screen, the host can select the bottom slot to be open for observers (assuming he isn’t the observer himself). Players attempting to observe go into this slot.
** The observer can only chat to all players.
** The observer cannot use Beacons or Waypoint Mode.
** The observer is not shown on the score screen.
** The observer is not allowed in Co-Op mode.
* Dreadnaughts can now break bridges with missiles.
* Now players can destroy a unit flying over an Iron Curtained building.
* If the player has a Cloning Vat, an Engineer, 2 infantry units, and a Tech Hospital he will no longer get a complimentary unit out of his Cloning Vat for every unit healed.
* The edges of the Radar Screen are now visible.
* We’ve enabled the Microsoft Sidewinder Strategic Commander(TM) to work properly. We’ve also included the Westwood endorsed configuration.
* The Desolator will no longer continue to shoot the ground over and over and keep building up radiation.
* Parts of buildings will no longer disappear on occasion.
* Structures no longer flash a frame of animation during placement.
* Fixed the “Place Structure Anywhere” cheat.
* Super Weapon tab flashes when ready.
* Crazy Ivan and Tanya bombs now work on all bridges.
* Fixed a Terror Drone + Unpacking MCV problem that made games never end.


* Quick Match now gives ping of opponent when matching.
* Zero starting units are allowed.
* Fixed up the taunts to make sure they play correctly.
* Paging additions:
** Players can page a buddy from inside a game room, bunkers or game. (/page user name message) Example: /page Yuri Hi.
** Players can reply to last message. (/r message) Example: /r Hi there.
** Players can check to see if another player is online. (/on user name)Example: /on Tanya
** If player is paged and he presses “U” to reply to that sender, the paging screen will default to that sender’s name if U is pressed within 5 seconds.
* A ping meter is included inside game lobby as a tooltip. There are also graphic indicators (green, red, yellow) next to player names. The ping indicated in the tooltip is between that player and the game host.
* Lobby Chat only scrolls if player is on bottom chat line.
* Included an icon table that displays most icons and what they mean in Westwood Online.
* Fixed “Fetching Server” message pop up problem. Now it happens less.
* Fixed the loss of keystrokes when typing chat in bunker.
* Lobby now defaults to the bunker the player left when returning from Buddy List, etc.
* Click on an existing game to show the name of map in bunker as tooltip. No need to enter a game to find out which map is being played.
* Chat messages during games no longer display in a choppy and slow manner. Messages written at the end of games will now display properly also.
* Players are now routed to bunkers with less than 25 people when entering Custom Match.
* A tooltip has been added that shows a player’s rank, battleclan and battleclan rank when you mouse-over a player’s name. It may take a bit for the server to return the player’s rank.


* Unit Balance: IFV + Chrono Legionaire now destroys things more slowly.
* Unit Balance: Tesla Tank will shoot a little slower.
* Unit Balance: Demo Truck speed reduced.
* Unit Balance: Demo Truck damage was reduced.
* Unit Balance: IFV+Tesla Trooper will shoot a little slower.
* Unit Balance: IFV+Terrorist damage reduced.
* Unit Balance: Terrorist hit points are increased

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