Joseph Stalin's Moon Base

Here's a 6-player map for Mental Omega, a mod for Yuri's Revenge....


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Here's a 6-player map for Mental Omega, a mod for Yuri's Revenge. I assume to play it correctly, you will need the Rock Patch for sure, and maybe Mental Omega for some cool game enhancements.

However, I played it in Yuri's Revenge and it played just fine. There are 6 bases laid out, 3 on the east and west. And there are various civilian base-defense encampments around the map, which will all attack you with no warning. In the center, there is a LARGE base of all Civilian structures, ringed with alternating mind-control towers and Gattling Turrets. So, you have to fight pretty hard to get to the enemy.

The map was completely flat, with only craters spicing up the landscape. I certainly hope I'm missing something important from the Rock Patch and MO2.0, because maps with large civilian bases just aren't fun for me.

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Ok heres why i decided to make this map, its new years eve and no one wants to hang out with me. So i'm just sittin around watching the naruto marathon on CN. As im doin this i get this idea to make a moon map with a yuri base!

now to the map description.
This map has 6 players on it, 3 on each side. now in the russian mission, there were no ore fields, but Yuri found a way to create ore and jems before he died and left the information on a disk. Before Yuri died, he sent another rocket up with one of his best dead-cloned commanders, joseph Stalin, and joseph made the new yuri base on the other side of the moon (where no one would be able to find it). As U.S.A. space shuttle Discovery was making another run to the space station, its sensors picked up stalins base. News spreaded quickly around the country and then to the world. As soon as russia got the news, they got their forces together and started re-building their rocket. After Yuri died, Yuri's forces split up and formed 4 new covert forces: PsiCorps, Chaos Force, Headquaters, and Scorpion Cell. When they heard the news, they also began working on a new rocket. They hated each other and so they build a seperate rocket. As the forces raced to the moon, most of them were shoot down and so there were only six rockets left. AS the six remaining forces landed, three of them landed on each side. on each side, the three made a peace treaty together and would stop the traiter. The other three were asked if they want a peace treaty while they were on the moon, and they declined it due to their major hatred aganst them. But the three did make peace with themselfs. And the war on the moon began.

Ok this is my point of view of this map, you can imagine this any way you want. This Map is mainly used on the Mental Omega mod 2.0 with the rock patch you can get it here, then hit downloads, then click on the big ol' icon of Mental Omega 2.0 then hit the rock patch thing, this is the tricky part, look for the mirror link then hit rock the patch, or something like that, and after that there is one finall thing and the mod is ready to  go, you have to hit the link thats under the rock patch. Run the patch and put the new file in your RA2 directory then run the mod! If the site link does not work, type mental omega in google and the site should come up first!

To install this map, put it into the RA2 directory and thats it!

If you have any annoyances or any more ideas for my map, contact me at [email protected]

Sorry I couldn't make this a single player map, mission map, so e-mail me to tell me how. I hope you like this map! cya!

I am alowing you or any one else to submit my files to other sites or copy to cds etc. If you modify this map , be sure to put my name in the map since i am the legal owner of it. It also has proff of my name in the map to because if you look closly it has "By Arm."

I am very sorry I couldn't take picture because I'm not sure how. Please tell me and I will iclude them.


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