A small 1v1 map for Red Alert 2, set in the temperate terrain set. Both start spaces are bordered by either cliffs or river, making the bas...


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A small 1v1 map for Red Alert 2, set in the temperate terrain set. Both start spaces are bordered by either cliffs or river, making the base locations rather small. There are plenty of ridges on the map, some are narrow, but you can drive on top of them while others are simply there for the sake of blocking vehicles. There is a well done town in the middle of the map and a medium-small amount of ore.

Balance: The map is reasonably balanced, but the left player is able to get a whole lot closer to his ore than the right. The base locations are equally small. Gameplay: Big concern here: The starting ore is very far away from your base. It is far for both sides, but I think that the maps should have at least a starting patch of ore closer. There are only single exits from each base, but with the small size of the building area, Prism Tanks or V3s will easily crush the base outside of the ridge/river. I wish the base locations were larger. Graphics: The map is very nicely tiled; no terrain errors I could find. The city is quite pretty, and there are no often-repeated trees or tiles, so for an RA2 map, it looks good.

Verdict: If the start locations were bigger and the ore was more accessible, this would be a very good map. As it is, it is simply a map that is out of the ordinary.

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A C&C Red Alert 2 multiplayer map by:

Gigon - Eric Lessard -

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Put the Lass.mmx file into your ra2 directory


Delete the Lass.mmx file.

- Map name: L'assenssion

- File name: Lass

- Players: 2

- Map size: 90 X 60

- Ressource: ore mines only

- Environment: temperate
Aditional notes:

- This map has been made in June 2001.

- It was my second RA 2 map.

- Editor version: FinalAlert 0.98.

- The set is a small town in the province of Québec 

- Westwood, Corel, FinalAlert.
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Copyright (c) (2001) 2006 Eric lessard
All rights reserved.

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