Les Laurentides

A 2-3 player map for Red Alert 2, set in the Temperate terrain set. It is an inland map with many cliffs and two rivers travelling from bot...


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A 2-3 player map for Red Alert 2, set in the Temperate terrain set. It is an inland map with many cliffs and two rivers travelling from bottom to top (or maybe the other way). There are 8 derricks, and a decent amount of gems. The start spots are left, right and center, so I'm not sure how you'd play this with 3 people. Most derricks are inaccessible until you engineer a bridge across to them and then destroy the fences surrounding them.

Balance: The map is rather unbalanced. The middle player can get to his derricks (he gets 4 for himself) without having to spend an engineer on the bridge. The trail to the left player's derricks is too narrow, so to capture them you must take a transport helicopter with the engineers to them. So if you are Soviets, you can't get them. Then you've got your engineers over there, but Wait! You must destroy the fence around the derricks to get in! The only even somewhat practical unit to do that is the Harrier, so it is much more trouble getting the derricks than the reward is. Gameplay: Once again, the ore is too far away from the start locations. In fact, the left player can't access the gems that are right above him; he has to drive his harvester 2 screens away for the money. The other start spots must also drive far for the cash too. I do not like that in a map... The ore should be easily accessible. This map is more of a defensive map; it has narrow paths and trees and cliffs blocking everything. Graphics: The terrain is very nice and non-repetitive. The trees are almost all the same, and there are too many of them. There is a major terrain error as a land bridge is replaced by a water bridge.

Verdict: I still haven't figured out how it would be fair to play this with three players. This map overall did not impress me. But then again, I have never seen something like it before.

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Les Laurentides

A C&C Red Alert 2 multiplayer map by:

Gigon - Eric Lessard -

E-Mail : jigjoc[at]hotmail[dot]com

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Delete the Laur.mmx file.

- Map name: Les Laurentides

- File name: Laur

- Players: 2-3

- Map size: 120 X 90

- Ressource: ore mines, gems, derick

- Environment: temperate
Aditional notes:

- This map has been made in June 2001.

- It was my third RA 2 map.

- Editor version: FinalAlert 2.

- 'Les laurentides' is a national park in Québec. 

- the resources are rare and far away.

- Each player start at the top of a small montain. 

- Westwood, Corel, FinalAlert.
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Copyright (c) (2001) 2006 Eric lessard
All rights reserved.

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