New Technologies



Another version of the New Technologies. This time it's for Yuri's Revenge, instead of just RA2.

You can only build one of the top level hero, Tanya is immune to Mind Control, Soviets have a new hero with a MP5 and C4. Allies get the Seal.

New units include the Howitzer and Light tanks for each side. The Dreadnaught is much more useful as it now carries a Grand Cannon so its missiles can't be shot down.



                        A Mod for Yuri's Revenge

Greetings once again Commander, as you know, we won the last war against the Soviets, but Yuri is making his own scheme for World Domination, we must also be careful as the Russians might want to steal our time machine to change the outcome of the last war, the following are from existing Technologies and a few new ones:

-General Morskov no longer present, he died in the last war.
-Flak Trooper keeps his 105mm gun and flak attack on aircraft.
-Flaktrack keeps it's 20mmRapid gun.
-Soviets recieve Cosmonaut to counter Allied Rocketeer.
-Seawolf keeps it's 155mm Cannon.
-Dreadnought keeps it's onboard Cannon.
-Allied Armies get Jeep armed with a 20mmRapid.
-Grand Cannon stays with ALL Allied sides.
-Howitzer stays on ALL arsenals.
-Yuri Recieves Zombie(somewhat of a very effective base destroyer)
-Yuri Recieves Howitzer.
-Light tank removed ever since Yuri got ahold of it.

How to install: extract files to your RA2 folder.

How to uninstall: remove Rules and replace with backup Copy.

my email is insanegraydoctor at hotmail dot com for any suggestions.

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