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Robot Storm v1.95 Beta

rstorm195beta.exe —


Robot Storm completely recreates the game Yuri's Revenge. It adds a whole slew of new sides to battle each with their own methods with which to dispense the other sides.

Improvements and adaptations have arisen on all three new sides, in an attempt to defeat the mechanical armies of NEXUS and the Freedom League as well high tech army of the Allied Legion.

Terminator infantry and Ripper tanks are only a small part of the NEXUS arsenal, while the Freedom League battle it out with suicidal troopers and chemical warfare. And that is only two of the sides. The former Allied have formed into new Allied Legion that makes use of very high tech weaponry to deal heavy setbacks to its enemies.

In the new 1.95, the updates since there was problems in some systems running the mod, i have now added some few new features and probably fixed this launcher issue for once and for all... Enjoy :)


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