The WarForces Mod 2.0

Bwarrior has sent us another mod, this one is the War Forces Mod V2.0. Enjoy it. All the details are in the readme.



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Bwarrior has sent us another mod, this one is the War Forces Mod V2.0. Enjoy it. All the details are in the readme.


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Download '' (1.08MB)

Please don’t send your version of this mod to any site without my permission! You can change stuff in Rules.ini.


If there are problems, you can contact me at (and yes I’m Dutch)

Hi guys, thanks for downloading the v 2.0 of my mod. I’ve created v2.0 coz in v1.2 there were still internal errors due the sight multiplier with the Flak Track and the Tesla Trooper. If they become elite, the game will crash if you see them on the screen. I tried to fix it, but failed. Why I haven’t created v1.3? Becoz I changed a unit (again) (pick up truck) into the ACCT (AirCraft Carrying Tank) and the sides haven’t only there own unit, but also there own ability!!! Like Russia has the ability to reduce the price of all vehicles to 85%!!! I’ve changed a lot of other units and even changed the paradrop stuff. Scroll down and see what I’ve changed.

-Changed units and structures-

-For both-

Amphibious Transport. Machine gun installed

IFV. Now buildable for soviet. Still $600

Secret Agent. Has an MP5. Put him into an IFV and you’ll get an infinite range repair bullet. $250

School Bus. For transport over land $700 20 passengers

Pick up. The enemy will not attack this converted, civilian truck. But the enemy will attack its 5 Hornets. $4000

Limo. Just a fun unit. $50

Sports Car. For fast transport over land. $300 5 passengers

Rhino and Grizzly are now equally strong. Both $800.

Howitzer. Long range slow vehicle with a strong weapon. Light armoured. $750 

Rocketeer: Has now an Air-to-Surface rocket launcher. Buildable for soviets. $1250

Comet Explorer. Very fast, lot of sight and a nice weapon. It’s specially made for discovering terrain. $1500

Black Eagle. Has now 10 small missiles. $1600

SpySat Uplink. Now buildable for Soviets. Still $1500

-Allied changes-

Prism tower. Has now a comet as weapon. And does more damage when supported. Now Anti-Air too. Still $1500

Aegis cruiser. Shoots more missiles and missiles are faster and deadlier. $1750

Gap Generator. Is now a kind of I’ve the most money trophy. If the computer builds this building you know you can send a spy into its ore refinery to steal loads of money! But it’s still generating a gap (much bigger gap). $1000000

Patriot Missile. Bit stronger. Still $1000

Harrier: is now the PPX-33 Prism Plane with a very strong laser. $3000

-Soviet changes-

Kirov Airship. Drops now multiple bombs at one time. Cost upped to $4000

Sea Scorpion. Now has rockets to attack land units and flak to attack air units. $600

Psychic Sensor. Range upped to 20. Still $1000

Tesla Coil. When a Tesla Trooper overpowers it, it doesn’t 300 but 400 damage. Is now Anti-Air too. Still $1500.

Apocalypse. Shoots more grenades at one time. Was 4 now 6 Elite: was 4 is 10. Still $1750.

New Unit: Hind Transport. Soviets version of the NightHawk. $1000

-Specials changes-

Korea: has now Laser Launcher:

Primary: mayanprism (is now AA too)
Elite primary: supercomet (is now anti air too)
Size: 10 (place it takes in a hovercraft)
Cost: 7500
Buildlimit: 1
When this unit is elite he will be able to cloak!!!!!

Germany: has now the Railgunner

Primary: BLKBEAM* (my own weapon)
Elite primary: BLKBEAME* (my own weapon)
Size: 4
Cost: 2250

* It’s supposed to be black but it didn’t work so it’s white. (And flashing! ;-D) 

Cuba: has now a crocodile!!!!!

Cost: 200
Size: 1

-Superweapon Changes-

Weather control. Not 10:00 but 8:00 reload time.

Chronosphere. Not 7:00 but 5:00 Reload time.

-Paradrop changes-

America: 10 gi, 1 Yuri Prime, 3 SEAL, 1 Chrono Commando

Allied: 5 gi, 1 Chrono Commando, 3 SEAL, 5 Tesla Troopers

Soviet: 5 conscripts, 1 Yuri Prime, 3 SEAL, 5 Tesla Troopers

-Other changes-

Bit smarter opponent

Other text in menu (buttons)

Power off-line: not 1 but 3 minutes.

Max money is now 25000

Max unit count is now 100


Great Britain:

Veteran Infantry: SEAL and sniper
Veteran Heli: NightHawk


Build time of defensive structures reduced to 75%


Veteran tank: Grizzly battle tank


Veteran infantry: gi
Cost of tanks reduced to 85 %


Veteran infantry: gi
Cost infantry reduced to 80%


Veteran infantry: Yuri
Cost of tanks reduced to 85%


Veteran infantry: Crazy Ivan
Speed tanks increased to 115%


Veteran Infantry: tesla trooper
Infantry build time reduced to 75%


Veteran tanks: Rhino
Income increased to 120%

-Installation instructions-

Move the files:
-Ra2.csf to your ra2 folder

Uninstall: remove the files:

-Ra2.csf from your ra2 folder

I think this is everything.

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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