The World At War 1

Here's an Art of Defense map for Yuri's Revenege!!! A little unstable, but it's fun.


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Here's an Art of Defense map for Yuri's Revenege!!! A little unstable, but it's fun.

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Author: Newmap9
Editor: FinalAlert2
Created:8th April, 2004

Name: The World At War Level 1 ALONE
Size: 100x105
Players: 6
Theatre: New Urban

                                   To Play (Level 1)
To play this mutiplayer online cooperative first missions for now more then 5 players:Yuris Revenge 
disc required. Extract the contents of the winzip file into your Red Alert2 Directory.Launch 
the game,select (Free for All)or(Team Aliance) everything you want and choose a easy comp for 
test your game,but do not the same team! You can play this map online but dont kill each other,
and atleast 2 players must survive against the white comp,if not the mission will failed and the 
game proces will not run?"WARNING!However the enemy units is controlled by the civilian house,so 
if you want host these maps you must tell the players atleast1 of them not the same team, because
if all same, it will not load the game!

                                LEVEL1 (Story) 
                     "Alone England MAY 1940-JUNE1941"

Today Albert Einstein living in France(Paris), he use his time machines to go back in time,
where the british the last free people of Europe in (MAY 1940-JUNE1941),and change the history
forever.He has many dreams to make the past for his motherland.Professor Einstein is not the 
only objective, if he can controlled the future then they will belong to Hitler's forces.
The route to Einstein's lab is paved with traps and Einstein has set-up his own secrets weapons
and change Hitlers strategic to rule the world for his home country.However the germans have 2
problems, 1 to take over the river, 2 air strategic etc.... (because to far away they have not 
enough oil to get there).They build a giant bridge and try to transport any units to occupied 
the british coast,included he set new airplanes types from Einsteins technology, these new 
strategic form is not from Hitler self.In the history we knew that Hitler dont wanted a battle 
against the britain, because he think they are not danger for the NAZI's and by the other 
hands he dont like amphibious war, it will make him losing hes time and resource to get there, so he only
send airunits to bombard above England, as a psychical attack! But for Einsteins think,
is very serious, because every single step will change the history back into normal.
Your orders is protect the british coast against the germans offensive and block the way where they come from 
for a short time, this will make Hitlers turn back to attack against the russians, just like the history
we know.......   

 Objective 1: Find place to build up your base (if cant just destroy the buildings or sign?)
 Objective 2: Defend the germans attacks for 30 minutes in great britain.
 Objective 3: When online playing keep all players alive or atleast 2 must survive.


Ok so there u have it,
A nukeanim.shp file has been added. This will overwrite the other nukeanime file which you may of installed in your 
RA2 Folder from previous downloaded missions.The file contains image which been altered in order to fit 
with the maps art!
Explanation: The germany1,yrm file when placed in your RA2 folder and use skirmisch or 
custombattle to activate them........  

                                   NEWS (for Level2)                                     
Thanx the advice from Stinger and Fenring, in the future(The World At war Level2 BARBAROSSA)is 
already fix the second problem, by not care the other players lose or die and atleast 2players 
must survive like this.The Civilian comp destroy only the structures that wil bring the missions 
failed,so you dont care about the german units destroy you or losing any players for contact etc,
inlcuded you got 5-10 minutes to build your units for prepare against NAZI GERMANY during this 
periode they will never attack you, when time out they will launch an attack! But for now they 
must be tested........

Finally thanks to Matze,for the FA2 utility,and the RA2 CSF Editor.
Also thanks to Olaf Van der Spek for the XCC utilities which I used to extract the md.csf file.
available at
Thanks again to DeeZire


*Included files:
[The World At War Level 1 ALONE germany1.yrm] (the map)
[The World At War Level 1 ALONE].[.gif] (preview image)
[Readme file].txt (this file)
[nukeanime.shp] BIG NUKE (Increase the nuke sized)

This (Red Alert2 Yuri's revenge) missions '[The world at War Level1 ALONE]' is © 2004 by 
[Newmap9].You can include this map as part of any sort of commercial or promotional product in 
your own permission.You can distribute this map on websites or in mappacks in your own permission.
Offcourse If offered from a WWW or FTP site or similar, this .txt file (unaltered) must be 
included and plz do not use this map as a base for other maps.
Please seek permission before uploading onto a site.
                         copyright © 2004

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