The World At War Level 2 BARBAROSSA

This is a 6 player, snowy map for Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge. View readme for more information.


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This is a 6 player, snowy map for Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge. View readme for more information.

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Author: Newmap9
Editor: FinalAlert2
Created:21th August, 2005
Address:[email protected]

Name: The World At War Level 2 BARBAROSSA
Size: 90x110
Players: 6
Theatre: Snow
                                   To Play (Level 2)
To play this mutiplayer online cooperative first missions for now more then 5 players:Yuris Revenge 
disc required. Extract the contents of the winzip file into your Red Alert2 Directory.Launch 
the game,select (Free for All)or(Team Aliance) to play this map online or you can choose a easy comp to test the game,  
you can try to play this map online but atleast 2 players must survive against the white comp,if not the mission will failed and the 
game proces will not run?"WARNING!However the enemy units is controlled by the civilian house,so if you want host these map you must tell the other poeple atleast 1 player not the same team or the map will not loaded!

                     "Barbarossa JUNE-DECEMBER 1941 (RUSSIA)"
Hitler turns his troops towards Russia when the pact between Germany and Soviet Union outlived 
its usefulness. The early stages of the invasion consisted of overwhelming German victories. 
The defenders were happy to trade space of time. But the German High command delayed and the 
advance was held of few miles from Moscow when the mud and the fierce cold of the Russian winter 
took hold. The ill-equipped Germans were routed - thousands were killed, wounded or captured. 
Hitler's ambitious plans crumbled.


 Objective 1: Protect St basil cathdral, kremlin and the leader.
 Objective 2: Survive all 4 German divisions in communism Russia.
 Objective 3: When online playing keep all players alive or atleast 2 must survive.


Ok so there u have it,
A New ICONS Documents file has been added. This will overwrite the other ICONS/UNITS which you may of installed in your 
RA2 Folder from previous downloaded missions. The file contains image which been altered in order to fit with the maps art!
Explanation: The germany2,yrm file when placed in your RA2 folder and use skirmisch or 
custombattle to activate them........

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