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"Desert - The war in north Africa: 1940-1943" The war in North Africa took nearly three years to resolve, fought and refought over the same 600 miles of desert between Alexandria and Benghazi. At last, Montgomery's celebrated 'Desert Rats' beat Rommel's Afrika Korps at the famous battle of El Alamein. The surviving combatants tell the story of the other war against sandstorms, heat, flies. thirst and dysentery, and Field Marshal, Lord Harding, General Sir Richard O'Connor, Sir Francis de Guingand and Siegfried Westphal are among those describing the top-level decision-making of the North Africa campaighn.

Objective 1: Make a way to your mcv and clear out the path Objective 2: Deploy your base and units in Egypt Objective 3: Survive 40 minutes against the Axis

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                         *Included files:
[The World At War Level 3 Desert germany3.yrm] (the map)
[Readme file].txt (this file)
[nukeanime.shp] BIG NUKE (Increase the nuke sized)
[New ICONS] (Overide the old icons)
[New VOXELS] (Give all the german units new image)

This (Red Alert2 Yuri's revenge) missions '[The World At War Level 3 Desert]' is © 2008 by 
[Newmap9].You can include this map as part of any sort of commercial or promotional product in 
your own permission.You can distribute this map on websites or in mappacks in your own permission.
Offcourse If offered from a WWW or FTP site or similar, this .txt file (unaltered) must be 
included and plz do not use this map as a base for other maps.
Please seek permission before uploading onto a site.
                         copyright © 2008

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