Warhammer 40K Total Conversion

The currently under deveolpment total conversion for Yuri's Revenge.


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The currently under deveolpment total conversion for Yuri's Revenge.

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Download 'wh40kv18a.zip' (41.47MB)

Warhammer 40k *Beta* Version 1.8

Well seeing as compiling was proving to be our downfall here is the Mod released as seperate files.

This glorious mod includes:

Playable Space Marine side
Playable Chaos Side
Playable Imperial Guard side

There are a bucketload of shortcomings with this version of the mod which will be cleared up before 2.0 this is just a release to show people that we are not dead and to hopefully inspire a bit of life in this flagging mod :D

The files should all be unzipped into your RA2 directory and the YR should be played as normal
This mod requires Yuris Revnege version 1.001 to be played correctly.

Credits are included in the mod, just click on the "credits" tab in the game :)

For better enjoyment of the mod, please Add the sound effects.

*Guide to making an Audio.bag* (sound FX)

Utilities needed

XCC Mixer (http://xccu.sourceforge.net)

Step1.	Load XCC Mixer
Step2	Load Windows Explorer
Step3	Find the Directory with all of the .wav files included in the zip
Step4	In XCC Mixer go to the launch menu and select XCC Sound Editor
Step5	Switch over to Explorer and Select all of the .wav files
Step6	Drap all of the sound files into XCC Mixer and drop in the sound editor
Step7 	Click "OK" in the sound editor
Step8 	Play mod :D

Have fun!



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