Water Holland

A very creative 2-player RA2 map. Both start positions are on the bottom with water between eachother. You can either opt for an early nav...


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A very creative 2-player RA2 map. Both start positions are on the bottom with water between eachother. You can either opt for an early naval rush or follow bridges across many islands in the flooded Holland landscape. If you do try that route, be prepared to face a few civilian turrets, dogs, and other sorts of neutral defense.

Graphics: The map is for the most part well tiled. The landscape is pleasing to the eye in most places. There are many terrain errors, although they seem to be intentional. Some islands in the middle appear to have purposely been squared off with no border between the terrain and sea. There also are places on the map with very bright white lights and they aren't much fun to look at.

Gameplay: This would certainly provide interesting gameplay. You have limited resources to start with, and the other resources are on the "mainland" where you might have to fight over them. There is the option to either attack by land or sea, and the route by land is so far, I am not sure which will prove the most used way.

High Points: Very non-standard map layout, well crafted terrain.

Low Points: Graphical errors, Yuri Prime civilian units which don't mind control unless they're attacked, perhaps not enough resources.

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Download 'water_holland.zip' (106KB)

read me please!!!!!!


this is a large half mission map map i have made from the map ''water holland'', distributed on internet games and in my mod.

it is a large river delta with 8 islands connected with bridges, but the player islands aren't connected so you must get over the other islands to reach your enemy.

the city has his own army and patrols through the city. watch out!!!!

the city has his own military base at the left side on the map.

there's a big big forest at the right side on the map with attack dogs, chimps, yuri primes,and alligators.watch out for those yuri primes.

there are mini islands in the delta with tech things and a city with a hospital and a airport.

the city has sentry guns at the bridges so he should defend himself from engineers.

<install\uninstall instructions>

if you want to play on this map, copy the file called ''waterholland.mmx to the directory wich is usually C:\westwood\ra2.

if you want to delete this file, remove waterholland.mmx  from C:\westwood\ra2 or the red alert 2 directory.


This map is called water holland.
It is for two players.
Maker: sercan
Civilian forces: paradropped light tanks and conscripts, sentry guns at the bridges, yuri primes in the forest, war miners, 
Resouces:a lot of oil derricks, gems on the upper side of the map, some ore.
This is version 1.0
Editors used: FinalAlert 2:yuri's Revenge (coz he has scrips and smudges, cool)

<license agreement>

this file is protected by law and cannot be distributed without prior written permission.
you cannot sell this, use this, or whatever you want to do with this file.
you cannot send this file to any site and claim it as yours.
if you have any problems, contact me at kahvecisercan.at.hotmail.dot.com


does anyone know where to find a AI.ini editor???
if you know, send a comment or e mail to me or this file.


If you rip this map, you die.
i hope you like it.


sercan, also known from blackmissile:giantbomb, and i will send more files to cnc files.!.

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