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Mods TS Sound Conversion

Thinking of new ways to convert renegade into Tiberian Sun, I decided to further than my previous soundpacks and decided convert single...


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Mods Apache Flying Mod

you get to fly an Apache Strike Helicopter in the first level of the single player missions! Just extract the file to your renegade/data dir...


Mods Renegade Army Men

This skinpack makes Renegade into Army Men, GDI being the green team and NOD being the tan team. All infantry, vehicles, and weapons are don...


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Mods Attack of the Visceroids

Drops visceroids on to the NOD airstrip, they follow you around but watch out as they are deadly!


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Mods Adrenaline Expansion

Adrenaline Expansion Pack is a new Mod for Renegade wich expands all multiplayer maps with new units, weapons, vehicles and structures.


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Mods Bisen11's Mod Package

This is just a big collection of mods. To make them work copy and paste them in your renegade data and rename them cnc_c130drop.txt. If you...


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Mods Bisen11's Mod Package 2

This is just a bunch of Different mods. To activate Copy and Paste to your Renegade Data then rename it as cnc_c130drop.txt Note you can onl...


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Server Mods Vehicle Change

This mod switches the nod and gdi vehicles with eachother. So Gdi can buy nod vehicles and nod can buy gdi vehicles. The air and extra vehic...


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Game Mods RenAlert patch v9915

install this after verson 991


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Game Mods RenAlert patch v9920

Install this after v991 and v9915 to bring it upto v9920


Game Mods RenAlert v9910

If u like redalert and redalert 2 you'll love this mod it adds all the features from the games into one very good frst person shooter or thi...


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Game Mods RenAlert patch v9925

This is patch v9920 you need to insall v991, v9915 and v9920 before u install this patch


Game Mods Command & Conquer Renegade: Sole Survivor

Sole Survivor is a Renegade total conversion that includes 8 different game modes, over 14 multiplayer maps, 11 characters, 17+ vehicles and...


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Game Mods Renegade Alert Patch

This patch has no new maps or units, but it includes many bug fixes. Now, the Soviets will be able to use the Grenadier because it's not ove...


Game Mods Sole Survivor

C&C Renegade: Sole Survivor is a team-based modification, mainly because the Renegade game engine does not support non-team play. Even thoug...


Game Mods Sole Survivor Patch

This is the latest patch for the game which adds many changes. C&C Renegade: Sole Survivor is a team-based modification, mainly because the...


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Game Mods Countdown Mod

This modification allows you to hear the time left till any becon detonates. It is very useful so you can know either how long you have to...


Game Mods RenAlert v0.993b

Here's the latest version of Renegade Alert beta, the last full build before the project turned to a different game engine. It is a total...


Game Mods TSB Instagib

Instagib: one hit- one kill. Small arena, unlimited ammo, no C4, no falling damage.


Game Mods Red Alert: A Path Beyond v0.9935 Dedicated Server

Command & Conquer Red alert: A Path Beyond brings you into the world of Westwood Studio's Command & Conquer: Red alert from the perspective...


Game Mods Red Alert: A Path Beyond v0.9935

Here is the full install version of Red Alert: A Path Beyond, formerly known as RenAlert. It is a total conversion mod for Renegade convert...


Game Mods Renegade: A New Hope

The premeir Star Wars mod for Renegade has shut down, due to many factors, but they have released a copy which you can play with. This co...


Game Mods SCUD Storm

Here is a mod that takes the Generals units, structures, infantry, and planes(!) and puts them into the Renegade engine. It's an alpha vers...


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Game Mods Black Hand Scripts

The amazing creations of what people can do to Renegade! Install these scripts and you'll get extra graphical and gameplay improvements ran...


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