Command & Conquer: Renegade

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All Files In Command & Conquer: Renegade Skins
Skins Halo Reticles

These skins change your ingame reticle (the thing that tells u where ur aiming) to some from Halo (1), that I made!


Skins Martians Reticle Pack

These skins change your ingame reticle (the thing that tells u where ur aiming) to some that I made!


Skins Nod Load Skin

This is a new, fine loading screen.


Skins Shakura shades

New face for Shakura :cool:


Skins Fire Buggy

Flamethrower + Buggy = Burning Buggy


Skins Building HUDs

When you press J or K in muliplayer you get a screen with all the players in your team / in the game. On the left and the right you can see...


Skins Espi new NOD soldier

This is a pretty cool looking NOD soilder skin which matchs the tiberium sun soilder.


Skins MatrixNeo

Purchase a Havoc and you have Neo.


Skins Matrix Stealth Skin

Awesome skin for Steath Tank, makes it look all matrix like.


Skins Allied APC

With this skin, your APC will look like in Red/n Alert.


Skins American SEAL Skin

The four basic units have some new, cool uniforms.


Skins Aged light tank

A skin which makes the Nod Light Tank look like it's been around for a long time.


No Screenshot
Skins Ancients

All the GDI vehicles have a grey skin, includes cameos, aircraft and harvester skins.


Skins GDI vs NOD

This skinpack changes the main wallpaper, icons (not on your desktop), all vehicle's, building's and character's look.


Skins White Knight Apache

This little skin changes the apache to white exposing all it's detail and uping the coolness factor


Skins U.S. Army Mammoth

This is a green mammy with a white star.


Skins Superman

This will change Mendosa to Superman


Skins Yin Yang Wars

Replaces all vehicle skins on both teams (save the harvesters) with a new set of opposing "Yin-Yang" themed colours. Beat-up grey and blac...


Skins Abrams Tank

Turns the Medium Tank into a green camo M1A1 Abrams.


Skins Night fighter orca redux

This skin makes the orca all dark.


Skins Iron Fort APC

This skin gives the feeling that the APC has a stronger armor.


Skins G.W.Bush

I think I have seen this guy before...


Skins Orca flame

This small modification will change your orca's flame


Skins Goat MRLS

Puts a goat's face on the front and side of the MRLS !