Red Alert: A Path Beyond v1.1.0 to v1.2.0 Patch



A patch which updates A Path Beyond mod to version 1.2.0. Note, you must have version 1.1.0 for the patch to work, and version 1.1.0 is not currently on CnC-Files.

The changes are highlighted by a new (remade) map, slightly changed weapon accuracies, a new explosion for the V2 Rocket, and a new Rocket launcher model. And some bug fixes.



v.1.2 ("Beta Patch 2" - December 2007)
-New map: RA_AS_Assault
-Removed map: RA_Complex for rebalancing
-Rocket Soldier's LAW splash damage now has a greater effect against infantry
-Rocket Soldier's Stinger replaced with Redeye SAM, which fires faster, more powerful missiles
-Longbow rocket damage increased slightly
-Hind gun changed to 25 rounds/clip, now fires a large stream of bullets
-Hind's camera changed to allow better target acquisition (especially in front of and under it)
-Burn damage caused by primary fire for shotguns is applied faster
-Fixed problem with Heavy Tank geometry
-Fixed lighting issues on RA_StormyValley, RA_Bonzai
-Mine limit upped to 50 from 30 (both teams)
-Fixed problems with Helipads and Service Depots still functioning after being destroyed on certain maps
-Point system altered; buildings now give 2 points for every 5 points of damage dealt (was previously 1:1); buildings no longer give extra points to the person who dealt the final blow when destroyed
-New explosion effect for V2 rockets
-RA_Wasteland now has a small contingent of vehicles
-Tesla Coil damage increased, reload time increased
-Accuracy for Remington 870 secondary fire (slug shot) improved
-Accuracy of handheld LMGs (M60, PKM) decreased, accuracy of mounted LMGs (Ranger/APC gun) increased
-Launcher frontend tool replaces old apbip and configuration tools
-Launcher frontend tool supports multiple versions out-of-date patching

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