Allied APC

With this skin, your APC will look like in Red/n Alert.


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With this skin, your APC will look like in Red/n Alert.

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Download 'allied_apc.exe' (223KB)

Filename: Allied APC

Creator: Darkblade

Email: [email protected]


Description: A skin for the GDI Apc to give it the same camoflauge scheme as the Medium Tank in the upcoming Renegade to Red Alert 1 Total conversion mod Renegade Alert.

This file is the property of the author, all rights and copyrights belong to him. This file is exclusive to Renegade Realm. Do not copy, alter, or claim credit for this skin without permission from the webmaster and creator.

==Installation Instructions===
1. Open up the .zip file for the skin. 
2. Read the readme (what you're reading right now)
3. Extract the .dds file(s) to the folder C:\Westwood\Renegade\Data 
4. Boot up Renegade and have fun!

====Uninstall Instructions====
1. Open up My Computer
2. Go to the folder C:\Westwood\Renegade\Data 
3. Delete the skin file(s), making sure it has a .dds extension

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