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With this small modification you can drive the most bizarre vehicles like Cargo Plane, flying Flamer, turrets and so on. All the files have...


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With this small modification you can drive the most bizarre vehicles like Cargo Plane, flying Flamer, turrets and so on. All the files have the same name, so you have to change them in the Renegade/Data folder.

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Download 'carbons_v3_mod.rar' (43KB)

Hey and thanx for choosing Carbons V3 Mod. Many changes have been made to this mod and its more advance than any of the stealth tanks and gun emplacement mods ive made belive me this one kicks ass :P
New features Include :

. All avavlible vehicles from the renegade game its self.
. Instead of your vehicle dropping onto the airstrip via parashoot or transport helicopter a A10 Bomber flys over and delivers it for you.
. New modified vehicles such as the killer cameleon, drivable turret,flying flamer, fast mammoth tank, transport hovercraft, apache comanche and much more which are listed below.
. Also the vehicles Follow you where ever you go NOTE if this annoys you the delete this line from the cnc_c130 drop file its only for the indestructable buggy:

                                  -201    Attach_Script,          7, "M01_Hunt_The_Player_JDG", ""

1.) Choose unzip or extract all....... In the file should be each vehicle open the vehicle of your choice and place the  cnc_c130drop file into the renegade/data folder

2.) Start a server

3.) Play Renegade and when the harvester has dropped  down onto the air strip or a vehicle you have purcased  the Vehicle you have extracted  into the renegade data directory will drop after 10  seconds Via Transport Helicopter.
you can only extract one vehicle at a time. If you try to extract more than one it will overwrite the existing file.



Q. Will adding these mods to my data directory mess up my renegade settings ?

A. No adding these files to your data directory will not make any diffrence what so ever to you gameplay. All the file does is it allows you to have modded vehicles when u host a server.

Q. After adding one of the cnc_c130drop files into my data directory how would i add another diffrent vehicle ?

A. Simple you just overwrite the cnc_c130drop file that is already there. but when it comes to changing the modded vehicle make sure you copy and paste the file DO NOT drag and drop the file cos it may erase the file in the directory.

Q. Is it possible for you to make a Drop file GDI 

A. This is something i cannot figure out but im not giving up ive tried and tried to get this working for GDI aswell as NOD but i can promise you in the next version of this mod i WILL have figured out how to do it...i hope :D

Anyway enought blabbering hope u Enjoy !


Trouble Shooting

If you Hate my mod and want to kill me then just "DELETE IT" simple

If your are still unsure what to do then i suggest you email me at [email protected] 

Listed Vehicles in V3 : 

NOD Vehicles 
Flying Flamer
Flying APC
Flying Mobile Artillery
Flying Sam Site
Flying Stealth Tank
Fast Flamer
Fast Mobile Artillery
C130 Plane
Killer Cameleon
NOD Buggy (Indestructable)
Drivable Turret
NOD Cannon Emplacement
NOD Cargo Truck
NOD Apache
NOD Flame Tank
NOD Light Tank
NOD Recon Bike
NOD Mobile Artillery
NOD Surface Rocket Laurncher
NOD Stealth Tank

GDI Vehicles

Flying Mammoth Tank
Fast Mammoth Tank
Flying Medium Tank
Fast Medium Tank
Flying MRLS
Flying APC
GDI Humm-Vee (Indestructable)
A10 Bomber
Transport Hovercraft
GDI Mammoth Tank
GDI Mobile Rocket Laruncher
GDI Orca
Money Sedam


Apache Bots
Uber Bots
Evil Viceroids
Bot Drop

L00K 0UT F0R V4 MOD C0MMING S00N !!!


copywrite carbon-kid 2003 [email protected]

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