Red Alert 2 Boinks

These are Red Alert 2 sounds which would sound great as boinks.


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These are Red Alert 2 sounds which would sound great as boinks.

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=====Renegade Sounds Readme======

Filenames: c4_remote_secondary_08a.wav, c4_timed_ambient_11.wav, Daddy.wav, Gone.wav, Happy Birthday.wav, History.wav, Never Existed.wav, Shake It Baby.wav

Creator: Pendullum

Email: [email protected]

Description: These are sound files from Red Alert 2 that would sound good as the kill boink.  There are also two that would sound good as the C4 Sound.

YOU MAY NOT USE THIS FOR ANY OTHER PURPOUSE BESIDES PERSONAL ENTERTAINMENT, YOU MAY NOT USE THIS IN A MOD OR A MAP WITHOUT EXPLICIT PERMISSION FROM THE CREATOR. This file is the property of the creator, all rights and copyrights belong to him. Do not copy, alter, or claim credit for this sound pack without permission from the creator.

==Installation Instructions===
1. Open up the .zip file for the boink sounds. 
2. Read the readme (This Readme!)
3. Extract ONE of the files to your Renegade\Data directory. (C:\Westwood\Renegade\Data)
4. Rename the file to Correction_3
5. Boot up Renegade and kill someone over the Internet.
6. The C4 ones have been done for you just add them to your Renegade\Data directory and plant a C4.  
====Uninstall Instructions====
Simply Delete the files that you added to your Renegade Data directory.

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