Red Alert: A Path Beyond v1.2.0



This is the premeir and latest full version of A Path Beyond. It converts the renegade engine to be the Red Alert 1 universe! It means that you can now shoot people with your favorite Shock Trooper or command an Apache attack helicopter that actually blows stuff up!

This is the 1.2.0 version, download it if you don't have the mod yet. It shouldn't really be called a mod because it is a standalone program.

For screenshots, check out the Beta 1.0 file page



v.1.2 ("Beta Patch 2" - December 2007)
-New map: RA_AS_Assault
-Removed map: RA_Complex for rebalancing
-Rocket Soldier's LAW splash damage now has a greater effect against infantry
-Rocket Soldier's Stinger replaced with Redeye SAM, which fires faster, more powerful missiles
-Longbow rocket damage increased slightly
-Hind gun changed to 25 rounds/clip, now fires a large stream of bullets
-Hind's camera changed to allow better target acquisition (especially in front of and under it)
-Burn damage caused by primary fire for shotguns is applied faster
-Fixed problem with Heavy Tank geometry
-Fixed lighting issues on RA_StormyValley, RA_Bonzai
-Mine limit upped to 50 from 30 (both teams)
-Fixed problems with Helipads and Service Depots still functioning after being destroyed on certain maps
-Point system altered; buildings now give 2 points for every 5 points of damage dealt (was previously 1:1); buildings no longer give extra points to the person who dealt the final blow when destroyed
-New explosion effect for V2 rockets
-RA_Wasteland now has a small contingent of vehicles
-Tesla Coil damage increased, reload time increased
-Accuracy for Remington 870 secondary fire (slug shot) improved
-Accuracy of handheld LMGs (M60, PKM) decreased, accuracy of mounted LMGs (Ranger/APC gun) increased
-Launcher frontend tool replaces old apbip and configuration tools
-Launcher frontend tool supports multiple versions out-of-date patching

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