Renegade Christmas Special

Here's an interesting map from Pageman13 for CnC Renegade. This map is a christmas special death match/cops and robbers map. The main obj...


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Here's an interesting map from Pageman13 for CnC Renegade. This map is a christmas special death match/cops and robbers map. The main objective in this map is not simply to destroy your opponets base while protecting your own but to get more kills then your opponet does.

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------>>C&C_The_Christmas_Special READ ME<---------

Map Type: Renegade .mix map

Map Creator: Pageman 13


Release Date: 23rd of December 2004

File Name: C&C_The_Christmas_Special.mix

Map Type: Death Match and Cops And Robbers

Special Thanks: Snail and Crispy for helping me beta test it.

Instalation: Unzip all the files in the zip file into your renegade data folder which is
most likly at C:\westwood\renegade/data

Map Description:

This map is set in some snowy valley in an undisclosed location in northern Brittan.
The date is 25/12/04 or for Americans, 12/24/04
Time: 0500 hours
Each Team has possession of a civilian building as a base however the objective is not to protect your base while destroying the enemies.
The objective is to get the highest score, or kill count.
Each team is issued a light vehicle (hummvee/buggy)
There is no credit per second system, you depend on your own kills thus the objective of the map.
However I have added many money crates for more inexperienced players.
There are also many weapon spanners located on the map.
Sniper rifles in the Sniper spots on the cliffs for example.
The map can also be used for Cops And Robbers

The Story Behind The Meaningless Killing:


Commander, I am aware you are on leave right now however a situation of grave importance has scoured.

A small Isolated village is about to celebrate Christmas when NOD troops stormed the valley in what we believe to be an attempt to use this valley as a forward
Attack post for northern Brittan.

The valley itself is of high tactical importance; a high level of Magnacide in the rocks and cliffs render aircraft unusable and interferes with the targeting
Systems on GDI’s orbital Ion Cannon.

With only minimal GDI presence in the area north of this valley GDI could not afford to allow NOD to have a forward attack post in this area.
The fate of northern Brittan hangs in the balance. If GDI fail Nod will be able to bring all of Brittan under its control.

Without the support of Brittan’s navy it is highly possible that NOD will have weakened GDIs military forces in Europe to the extent that
NOD occupation of Europe is a certainty.
The brunt of GDI forces is tied up in Africa and the Middle East and thus will be unable to come to Europe’s aid.

The fate of Europe and possibly the world from there depends on the occupation of this Valley.

We have only minimal forces to give you Commander we hope that they will be sufficient.

Not quite the merry Christmas you were expecting, good luck commander.

Lock, out.

I hope you enjoy the map.

Merry Christmas every one!

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