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Central Gaming Studio, proudly presents the 1st annual Tournament of Infinity. It is going to be held on September 4, 2005 12:00AM CST-US. It will be held from dusk to dawn. It is going to take place on the XWIS Server. Tournaments-1v1 & 2v2 [quote] Depending on size of tournament players may only be able to play in one.[/quote] Maps There will be NO MOD MAPS! The tournament is only using 3 maps for the entire tournament. Two for regulation play including semi finals and finals, then a final map revealed for the championship for both tournaments. The 2v2 Tournament maps include 1 listed below with 2 revealed at the time of the tournament for semi finals then the championship. MAPS- TERRACE & FOREST FIRES 1v1 & 2v2 TOURNEY [quote] Forest Fires and Terrace will be used for beginning rounds in the 2v2 & 1v1 Tournaments, alternating when needed. Game maps will be chosen by host depending on quantity of tournament.[/quote] Player Information Every player will need to post this information for tournament procedures. It will help us out determining how to organize the games. Each user will be required to register on forum, before they can post there information. This is a requirement! If you do not place your information before the 4th, then do not expect to play! [url=""]CGS HOME PAGE REGISTER FIRST![/url] [url=""]PLAYER INFORMATION PAGE![/url] Information required on your information post! NOTHING ELSE Player Online Name: Side Using: Preferred Map: Age: Location: DOUBLE ELIMINATION TOURNAMENT This will be a double elimination tournament! After your second loss it will be recorded and you are free to do what you want, just please try not to disturbe the remaining tournament users. PRIZES Prizes are going to be awarded to first place for each tournament and honorable mention with a special rank for second place. Ranking & Tournament Procedure Everyone who'll join in from the beginning will get a random rank and whoever joins up later (when the random ranks are allready given away) 'll get the last rank. You'll swap ranks if you defeat someone with a rank higher than you and you'll keep the same rank when you defeat someone with a rank lower than you. When the tournament starts everyone person with a uneven number has to battle someone with 1 rank lower than him and everyone with a even number has to battle someone with 1 rank higher than him. When you win you'll have to battle someone who has 1 rank higher than you next and when you lose you'll have to battle someone with 1 rank lower than you next. Rank 1 'll offcourse allways have to fight rank 2, if he wins he'll remain rank 1 and if he loses he'll become rank 2. When you are unable to battle someone you'll automaticly be declared the loser and 'll drop 1 rank, which means you'll have to battle someone with 1 rank lower than you next. The person who was supposed to battle you will climb 1 rank, asif he had won the battle. Other Information: After each game is played the opponents shall report to the CGS Staff online the XWIS Server and tell who won. From there we will give them their next opponent and time they will be that is unless that is their second loss. We recommend users not to play other games for practice nor fun, because of the possibility of changes to your game time, or player dropouts. Everyone just needs to stay in the lobby, and enjoy themselves, and they shall be noticed when their game is coming up. If a player misses their game time by more then 5 minutes they are immediantly eliminated from the tournament. Cheating with not be used or ignored in this tournament at at. Any attempt to use a cheat or trainer shall immediantly eliminate them from the tournament and any new ones in the future.
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