The Dawn of the Tiberium Age 1.09

This mod converts Tiberian Sun into Tiberian Dawn (C&C Gold). This mod looks and plays nearly like Tiberian Dawn, but since you have all ben...


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This mod converts Tiberian Sun into Tiberian Dawn (C&C Gold). This mod looks and plays nearly like Tiberian Dawn, but since you have all benefits of Tiberian Sun's engine (like being able to move while firing, drag-scroll, high resolutions, online play and skirmish) the gaming experience is better. There are also a few extras like certain new units as crate goodies and an extra game mode called survivor, in which you have to collect crates to get units and upgrades.

Survivor maps are only to be played online and can be played either with or without a mobile HQ. When playing with a mobile HQ, you'll lose the game when you lose the mobile HQ and when playing without a mobile HQ, you'll lose the game when you have no units left. Some other kind extra features are likely to be added in the future as well.

If you enjoyed Tiberian Dawn and want to see it in better graphics and with gameplay enhancements, this is your mod!

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______ __                _____
/__  _               /  __`
/_/ /  ___    ___          ___    __  __  __   ___
        _ ` / __`       / __` / / /  / _ `
            __/     _  _._  _ _  / 
      _ _ _____    ____/ __/._ ________/ _ _
      /_/ /_//_//____/    /___/ /__//_//_______/ /_//_/
                    _____     __    __
             ___   /  ___   / __/         ___
            / __`/ ___/  /¯_  _  ___   / __`
           / _    _   /_  /   _ `/  __/
            ____/ _/       __/ _ _ ____
            /___/  /_/        /_/  /_//_//____/
 ______  __  __                     __
/__  _/_/             ______ /_
/_/ //_/_  ___    ___/  __ `/_/_  __  __     _______
       /    __` / __`  ___/ / / /    / __  __`
           _   __/   _ _    _._/ / / 
      _  _ ____/ ____ ___ _ __/._ _ _ _
      /_/  /_//___/_/____//_//__/ /_//__//_//_//_//_/
                    /  __ `  / __`    mo___
                   /  _  / _   / __`
                      ___   ____ / _ 
                       ` /___/    __/
                      _  _/ _  ____
                      /_/  /_/ _____/____/
-The Dawn of the Tiberium Age - version 1.09-
-------------by Bittah Commander-------------


1. About
2. Latest changes
3. Installation instructions
4. Files
5. Maps
6. Making your own maps
7. Credits
8. Site

1. About
The Dawn of the Tiberium Age is a Tiberian Sun to Tiberian Dawn (C&C
Gold) total conversion and it was my intention to make it both look and
play as similar to Tiberian Dawn as possible, while taking advantage of
Tiberian Sun features (these include skirmish, multiplayer support,
drag-scrolling, high resolutions, customizable keyboard short keys and
many others).
This mod started off as a personal project, which I kept quiet to most
people until the release of the very first version. Since I've worked
on this mod mainly on my own it has no real staff, but as you can see
in the credits, I've had quite a bit of help with tasks I either
couldn't do myself (like voxeling or the less simple hacks like giving
SHP units 32 facings) or wasn't as skilled at (like making graphics
from scratch).

2. Latest changes
Version 1.09
- Added: Multiplayer map "Deceiving Adjacency"
- Added: Gunboat (not buildable).
- Changed: The GUI (the menus); I made it look more similar to TD's.
- Changed: All terrain was remade as real terrain.
- Changed: The old 'terrain-structures' were replaced with the new (real) terrain on all maps.
- Changed: Made the rocket launcher buildable for Nod again.
- Changed: Made the medium tank and heavy tank accelerate.
- Fixed: The poweroff animation (it used the wrong palette before).
- Removed: Multiplayer maps "Kider River" and "Village of the Unfortunate".

Version 1.08
- Added: Survivor game mode (accessable via the [Survivor] maps). Look
in the Maps section of this ReadMe file for more information.
- Added: The Microwave Tank, Heavy Tank and the V2 as crate goodies.
- Added: Marble madness tiles for the map editor.
- Added: UDP LAN support (makes TS use UDP instead of IPX, which makes LAN work on Vista).
- Added: Multiplayer maps "Social Devide", "A Long Way From Home" and "Pitfall".
- Changed: The Nuke warhead now works like the Chemical Missile's. The
nuke didn't deal damage properly before and this couldn't be fixed
without sacrificing the vertically launched nuke (which I didn't want to do).
- Changed: Made the map Green Acres bigger (there was too little build space).
- Changed: Removed the rocket launcher from Nod.
- Changed: Increased the rocket lancher's weapon range from 7 to 8.25.
- Chagned: Increased the artillery's weapon range from 7 to 8.25
- Changed: Decreased the Adv. Guard Tower's weapon range from 8.5 to 8.
- Changed: Decreased the Obelisk's weapon range from 8.5 to 8.
- Changed: Made the AI less intelligent when using the Ion Cannon.
(they now slightly outrange the Adv. Guard Tower and Obelisk).
- Changed: Made the flamethrower infantry and the chem warrior type immune.
- Changed: Replaced all "road buildings" with actual (terrain) roads.
- Fixed: The font on the Power and Waypoint sidebar buttons.
- Fixed: The Chinook no longer has debris when it's destroyed.
- Fixed: The flamethrower infantry now explodes when it's killed,
- Fixed: The guard tower can no longer attack air units.
- Fixed: The advanced guard tower is now more accurate.
- Fixed: Flamethrower infantry and grenadiers now explode, damaging
or killing nearby units in the process.
- Fixed: On the map Sandy Plagues several cliffs and shores weren't impassable.
- Fixed: Multiplayer colors (they match the TD multiplayer colors better now).
- Fixed: Several shore and river pieces (extra versions have been made for some as well).

Version 1.07
- Added: Multiplayer map "Towns of Sudan", made by warlord.
- Added: Multiplayer map "Sandy Plagues", made by warlord.
- Fixed: Problem which caused certain shores and rivers to not appear.
- Fixed: Multiplayer colors changed so they match the ones in TD.
- Fixed: Global unit speed has been reduced to 0.875.
- Fixed: Turned dinos into infantry again (they no longer work as
vehicles because of the hack that was done to get 32 facings to work).
- Fixed: Restored the original size of all structures (the height of all
structures was stretched to 120% before).

For a full change log with all changes since version 1.02, go to

3. Installation instructions
Extract everything in this zip file into your TS folder
(by default this is C:WestwoodSUN) and run DTA.exe to start the mod.

Note1: Since DTA has its own executable file (DTA.exe) it won't
affect Tiberian Sun or any other mods you might have installed.

Note2: Even though Settings_DTA.ini is just DTA's version of SUN.INI,
removing it will cause problems. If you want to reset your game
settings, please replace Settings_DTA.ini with the one in this zip
file instead of removing it as you would do with SUN.INI.

4. Files
These are the files find in this zip file (which you'll have to remove if you
want to uninstall the mod):

DTA.exe – DTA's executable
Settings_DTA.ini – DTA's version of SUN.ini (contains all game settings).
ReadMe_DTA.txt – This readme file.
Lang_DTA.dll – DTA's version of Language.dll.
Patch_DTA.MIX – Empty MIX file reserved for updates.
Expand01_DTA.MIX – DTA's version of EXPAND01.MIX (contains most of the mod files).
UDP_DTA.dll - Makes LAN in DTA work with the UDP protocol, which is
mainly useful for Vista users, but it also makes a workaround
unnecessary when using hamachi or a similar application. – The TS map editor Final Sun modified to work with DTA.
Scores_DTA.mix - Empty MIX file to be replaced with a not-empty one to add add music to DTA.

5. Maps
These are the maps that came with this release of DTA.
Regular maps:
- Green Acres
- Sand Trap
- Lost Arena
- Lakefront Clash
- Terraces
- Tiberium Garden
- Enemy Lines (by Warlord)
- Sandy Plagues (by Warlord)
- Towns of Sudan (by Warlord)
- Social Devide (by OmegaBolt)
- Pitfall
- Deceiving Adjacency (by Crash)

Survivor maps:
- Lakefront Clash
- Sand Trap
- Lost Arena
- Sandy Plagues (by Warlord)
- A Long Way From Home
- Pitfall

Survivor maps are only to be played online and can be played either
with or without a mobile HQ. When playing with a mobile HQ, you'll
lose the game when you lose the mobile HQ and when playing without a
mobile HQ, you'll lose the game when you have no units left.

Note: When playing with a mobile HQ, make sure you have Short Game
enabled (otherwise the mobile HQ won't have any importance and losing
it won't make you lose the game).

For more information, images of these maps and for extra maps, go to:

6. Making your own maps

Here are a few things you should know before you start mapping:

- In FinalSun, the snow theater is really DTA's temperate theater and
  the temperate theater is really DTA's desert theater.
- DTA does not have any slopes, so make sure that whenever you make a
  map it has the minimal height to prevent terrain damage from
- Make sure you never place tiberium on impassable tiles, because this will cause harvesters
  to move onto those tiles and get stuck.
- Never select blue tiberium from the side bar; this will make
  FinalSun crash.
- Experiment with overlappting tiles a lot; you'll be able to create
  many interesting shapes this way and in the case of horizontal and
  vertical shores it's even necessary to everlap when you want to
  connect a diagonal shore to them.
- Whenever you finished a map, save it with a ".dpr" extension (or
  simply rename "yourmap.mpr" to "yourmap.dpr" after saving it).
- Whenever you finished a map for DTA, you can upload it at

7. Credits

Because I mainly developed this mod on my own, DTA has no real staff,
but there were some things people offered to help me with or I just
couldn't do myself...
These are the people that helped me out with DTA:

Made the map Deceiving Adjacency.

Converted the building roads to real roads, made the new desert bridges and made half of the new desert rivers.

Made the tiles for the Ion Cannon beam (I added the downward motion to
the animation myself afterwards).

Muldrake made the following voxels:
- Apache
- Chinook

- Helped me to find all TD unit, building and weapon settings (like speed, armor, damage, etc.)
- Fixed the lighting on the Refinery after I mirrored it
- Edited the SHPs of all dinosaurs so I would be able to use them as
vehicles in TS.
- Made the beta Hand of Nod
- made the following audio (speech) files:
"unit armor upgraded", "unit weapon upgraded", "unit speed upgraded",
"your harvester is under attack", "unit sold" and "structure sold".
- Made the [TD] Deluxe Cameos which can be downloaded here:
- Converted the RA mouse to SHP format (with tools written by Ultraq).
- Fixed the font on the Power and Waypoint sidebar buttons.

- Replaced the roads on Kider River, Sandy Plagues and Towns of Sudan.
- Made the map Social Devide.
- Replaced the building terrain with the new (real) terrain on Enemy Lines, Sandy Plagues, Social Divide and Towns of Sudan.

- Provided the offset I needed to change in the Hex editor (Game.exe) to
limit the tech levels to 7 in Skirmish.

- Made the Microwave Tank SHP.

- Applied the TD icon to the Game.exe file.
- Made the vectors I'm using for the load screen images.
- Made the GDI and Nod icons for internet play.
- Helped me to convert the Intro video I made (as separate PNG images)
to VQA (since I'm using Vista and the VQA encoder seems to hate Vista).
- Gave me the offset I needed to change in the Hex editor (Game.exe)
to limit the tech levels to 7 for online play.
- Gave me the HEX bytes to change in the executable to get 32 facings
to work.

Made the patch which makes TS use UDP instead of IPX for LAN. This
makes LAN work on Vista and makes TS work with Hamachi without the
whole workaround which was required with IPX.
I modified his wsock32.dll file to work with DTA (with help from Nyerguds).

Warlord made the following maps:
- Kider River
- Enemy Lines
- Sandy Plagues
- Towns of Sudan

[Bittah Commander]
This is me; the creator of this mod. I've been responsible for coding
(this implies editing any .ini file), making, editing and converting
SHPs and TMPs, basic HEX-hacking (this includes changing the
filenames of the files this mod uses and changing certain colors),
res-hacking (this implies mainly editing dialogs) and of course
finding people to do certain tasks I can't do or they can do better
me. I probably forgot some stuff, but to keep things short and
simple; anything left uncredited in this readme file was done by me.

8. Site
If you need more information, need help with anything, want to report
bugs, give suggestions, download extra maps, share maps you made for
DTA or merely want to talk about things concerning the mod go to:

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