The Neverending War Campaign

This is the continuation of the Cabal's Return, and continues the campaign, although this campaign can also be stand-alone from Cabal's Re...


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This is the continuation of the Cabal's Return, and continues the campaign, although this campaign can also be stand-alone from Cabal's Return. . There are multiple missions for the campaign included within.

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Author: Spy 005
Name:	Neverending War
Description: Why "neverending"?? Just think: Cabal isn't a person, he can't be killed. He is a program which can be deleted, but can 
always be reinstalled... This time GDI realises that the war against Cabal will maybe never finish...

First of all

Thanks for downloading my second campaign. This is a FIRESTORM ONLY campaign.
If you have comments (good or bad) about this, send an email to:

But don't send mails like: "Hey man, ur campaign suuuuuuucks! fuck U!"
If you didn't enjoy playing it, tell me, but, please, give some arguments WHY.


Extract all the stuff of "" to your TS file, exept for readme.txt.

To play the campaign, start firestorm, choose "New campaign" and click on "Neverending War
mission 1" You can play the missions in any order you want, but I STRONGLY recommend you 
play them in the correct order. There are no movies in this campaign (duh!), you'll find the
information about your mission in the "restate briefing" button.

IMPORTANT: The story

The Campaign takes place a few years after my first campaign (Cabal's return). This campaign
is a kind of follow up to Cabal's Return (CR). If you didn't play Cabal's return, no problem, you will 
still be able to follow the story.
All you have to know, is that during CR, Slavick disappeared, and that a certain
General Curtis took over the command of Nod. During CR, this General Curtis captured over one of GDI's Firestorm generator


When you complete a mission, you'll get an error message saying "unable to initiate 
map selection". That's normal, click on OK, the mission will restart, then abort the mission,
go to "New campaign" and start the next mission.


Delete all the extracted files out of your TS file.


I have tested the campaign, and I didn't encounter bugs. If you do, please report them to 
me. I can't be held responable for any damage caused by bugs, but don't worry there aren't 
such "computer-damaging bugs"

You are allowed to give this campaign to other people, as long as you mention my name, and
you do NOT earn money with it (honestly, which fool would give money for it?)

Something I wanted you to know...

You will notice that Cabal (because that's your enemy) never launches missiles at you, 
because I don't know how you can make such a trigger. (If anyone can help...)

Finally, I have slightly modified the rules.ini file as well. If you don't want to play
with the modified units, delete the rules.ini file. But my modifications are really 

Special thanks...

1) The Matze, the creator of the EXCELLENT map editor Finalsun. Visit his website

2) All the people of the Finalsun forum, who helped me out for many things.

3) (the names of the people that tested my campaign)

4) And finally you... for playing the campaign.

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