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Here is an addon mod for Firestorm. It contains fearsome new units, infantry, buildings and a plethora of new maps. It adds plenty of new...


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Here is an addon mod for Firestorm. It contains fearsome new units, infantry, buildings and a plethora of new maps. It adds plenty of new things to both GDI and Nod, and upgrades the AI to be quite deadly.

The highlights include: -Nod's Limpet Technician who can stop vehicles in their tracks And capture buildings. -Obelisk of Dark which can fire at air units as well as ground units. -Cluster MRLS with high explosive missiles great against structures. -Mammoth Tank Mk. III - An almost invincible Mk. II.

For plenty of extra fun if you have Firestorm, download this now.

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Download 'tiberian_burn.zip' (7.78MB)

Tiberian Burn 2.0 Final

E-Mail	    : Tymathee@yahoo.com

Install: Just place the files into your Tiberian Sun:Firestorm directory
Note - This will ONLY work with Firestorm installed...sorry.
Note 2: Be Sure to back up your patch.mix and GMenu.mix if you have them in the directory. 
Uninstall: Just remove same files.

	This should be the fianl version of Tiberian Burn 2.0, the next versions will be an attempt at missions hopefully. This last version adds a lot of things that weren't in Beta 2, some things were taken out like the Scrin Artillery because of balance issues and the fact that I couldn’t' get it to do like I wanted. Every unit that has a turret it now blows off and can damage anything around them, this includes the deployed Artillery, Tick Tank and Juggernaut. Also the laser turret and E.M. Pulse. The computer builds a sensor array, the Multi Missile Launcher and E.M. Pulse Cannon making the AI more dangerous than ever. I hope you like it because I've spent long hours doing this perfecting it down to the T. If there's any bugs, don't hesitate to contact me, I really try to make my mod's error free and I hate bugs. If there's any other issues or any ideas for mod's you'd like to see, tell me, me! Thank you for playing Tiberian Burn.

Thanks and credits:
First and most importantly, I give all thanks and praise to God, for keeping my sanity over the long haul, because as all you mod makers know, bugs are a pain in the butt!
To Edson, for letting me use the image for the title screen, it's really cool huh?
To the creator of Real Life, his mod gave me a couple of ideas and he let me use them.
To Kodiak57 for the idea for the Firestorm Tower from Icestorm (his is called the Mobile Firestorm) even though mine is better =o) j/k
To Hayden for those new voxel’s me made that made the perfect Civilian Army.
To Chrono, for letting me borrow some icons from Allies Revenge.
To Firestorm for making all those icons from TD and RA, I really needed those.
To Blade who made the Tekka Warrior, this thing was sorely needed, thanks a lot! For the gacomm, obl1 and obl2 structures, thanks these were cool!
To MHR, he's given me some help on things and let me continue my mod even though I'm with Icestorm. To the maker of XCC Olaf Van der Spek because without him a lot of things couldn’t have been done.
And to the TS Community, without your ideas and complaints, this mod wouldn't be what it is today!
And to all other’s I may have missed, e-mail me and I’ll include your name because I don’t wanna miss anybody for helping me make this one of the greatest mod out there.
Creator, Originator, Designer and Tester.

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