Tiberium Future: A Dying World 1.01

It has been some time since we have seen a really great MOD for CnC:TS, but here it is.

Tiberium Future: A Dying World was one of the mor...


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It has been some time since we have seen a really great MOD for CnC:TS, but here it is.

Tiberium Future: A Dying World was one of the more thought throug MODs i have tried for TS. Adding not only new units to all sides, CABAL and The Forgotten as new factions, an enhanced AI, elements from Red Alert 2, graphically pleasing superweapons, new music, Singleplayer maps converted to skirmish/multiplayer maps and much, much more, it also offer compatibility to both Original Version and The First Decade users.

As the creator of the MOD states in his readme:

TFADW almost changes every facet of Tiberian Sun; whether it be a value or visual

Only downside I could find with this MOD was that sometimes when you start a game with CABAL or The forgotten you can start with half a dozen MCV's and none of them can build or do anything. A simple re-start of the map handles that.

Absolutely worth a download if you like Tiberium Sun.

.. Oh and yes: You can also use this for single player campaigns.

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Download 'tfadw_cncfilespost.zip' (33.61MB)

Tiberium Future: A Dying World

Version 1.01, released September 2005.

A mod for Tiberian Sun.

Visit the official forum for updates and extra info at: http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/index.php?f=155


TFADW almost changes every facet of Tiberian Sun; whether it be a value or visual, gameplay has been tweaked to produce a different flow and speed. Many new features are included; there are 4 sides to choose from; GDI; Nod; CABAL; and The Forgotten. 

Both new sides have a full techtree, and there many new additions to the original sides also. All sides have modified/unique superweapons - GDI with its Ion Cannon Mk2 and Ion Storm, Nod with its Meteor Storm and Multi-Nuke Missile, CABAL with its Tacitus Missile, and The Forgotten with  their Mutant Reinforcements and Pirated Ion Cannon. 

Examples of some the new units - too many to list considering two new techtrees - are as follows: Cyborg and Reaper Commanders, Mutant Commandos, Retributor Tank, Suicide Bomber Cyborgs, Orca Mammoth, Nod Abomination Mine, GDI HE Tower, Chemical Soldiers, GDI Veterans, Tratos, Nod Black Hand, Mutant Harbingers, GDI Implosive Mines, CABAL Defender, and many many more additions. 

There is a completely new batch of maps excelling the detail of original Westwood maps to choose from to enhance gameplay experience. Similarly, besides from build time modifications and specific armour/speed/firepower settings unique to each side, all infantry are resized and side-specifically modified for greater gameplay. There are many new visuals, especially in the effects area, with many new explosions and debris effects. 

To list all the changes would take more time, best to play the mod and enjoy it.


Extract all files within the TFADW_Mod_Files folder into your Tiberian Sun folder (usually drive:/Westwood/Sun/, and run Tiberian Sun to play. You may optionally make a copy of your Sun folder and use the copy for the mod, so you can switch between Tiberian Sun and TFADW.


The mod may be not be redistributed and under no circumstances may  the mod be sold; it is made to be completely for free and personal use only. No elements of the mod may be extrapolated for other uses (i.e. your own mod) without explicit permission.

Contact: celestialart AT gmail DOT com


Times of the world are harsh, the future looks to be grim for some people, GDI & Nod continue to rally each other in a dieing world, a world ravaged by chaos & fear, each day the atmosphere of the planet knows as earth wears thinner, succumbing to the attributes of tiberium, if the rate of which tiberium affects the atmosphere continues the earth’s atmosphere will be one of complete tiberium, not even mutants would be capable of surviving in a tiberium world; after all, they too are based upon a sentient human being. GDI’s analysis has indeed uncovered that the earth is doomed, and although the Tacitas contains the information to control tiberium, tiberium seems to have mutated far beyond control, the ignorance of how tiberium was working in the environment takes its toll to the extreme, however you cant blame the late foundation of what is happening; GDI’s endless battles with Nod has always been on the agenda.

While GDI makes this discovery, they prepare for the worst, in believing the future is fatal, they under take the massive task of researching & creating residence which supports the original planetary atmosphere of earth, except in a building, this would most likely conclude a single massive structure weaved with smaller living quarters, a world locked away as artificial, however if this is not established, they may be no future at all, so in desperation this is a last resort that the times have yielded. The majority of the mutants have pledged complete allegiance to the GDI & their goals, knowing that they too will become victims to the future; the tiberium future.

These events are but few, while GDI & the mutants hunt for a way to live in the future, Nod fully endorses the tiberium future, ever so convinced with their beliefs, they truly believe tiberium is the future, the means to a peaceful world destined by the spirit hand of Kane. One might say, Nod are the people who are indeed gone mad, however, Nod finds people who see otherwise to their belief’s that they are ignorant of the truth, the brotherhood finds its ways through the discipline of so-called peace, power & unity amongst their sanctuary brotherhood.

Nod continues to harness the strength of which tiberium grows, harnessing it for their own uses, they assault GDI like never before with new technologies unthought of, Nod is the pinnacle of tiberium assault, while Nod continues this method, GDI & the mutants find themselves having to make new defensive technologies; knowing their future cant be safe without proper defence from the ruthlessness of Nod, & while GDI has developed some new offensive weaponry, at large their goal is for better defence considering the ever so brutish Nod.

Civilians aren’t as foolish as people wish to think, populations have found tiberium illnesses in the rise far worse then seen ever before, Tiberium related death incidents have increased by 400% over the last year or two, GDI must research habitable residence & fast if they wish for a future. Civilians are also being quickly recruited in their belief systems, many have been caught up into the belief’s of Nod, while others find themselves seeking truth & justice & team up with GDI, but whatever team the civilians defect to, they can be sure the future will still remain as terrible & unjustifiable as before.

It is quite easy to see what is becoming to the world; tiberium is as commonplace as the dirt on the ground, recently all types of strange tiberium mutations have become more dominant, jungles of tiberium infested tree’s & creatures have become more common, you can be sure to see some sort of strange tiberium related abomination in at least 10 kilometres of where you stand, the world grows ever so strange. The rumour still stands; what if this world is adapting for a different ecosystem, a world made with completely different life forms & DNA structure in mind, however this is no longer a question of “what if” but rather an answer of “it is”.

Is this a dying world? Dying in the eyes of those who have lived in it for a long time, but in reason, the world is growing rather than dieing; it is growing for different purposes, different reasons, indeed, to say the world is dying is a lie to the truth, the world is merely changing, changing in a way that will cause a truth in dieing for the original life forms of this planet. So now, the question is how long? How long to the tiberium future, this question can’t be answered, but one thing is for sure, its happening quickly.

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