Bizerte, 3. Mai 1943

Bizerte, 3. Mai 1943 (mission3(USA)).zip —


This is a singleplayer map for Codename: Panzers Phase Two. You have to extract the file from the zip and copy the extracted file into your Panzers Phase Two scenario Folder. You perhaps need the OMNI-Mod to play this map. I would be happy if you write me feedback about the map to my E-Mail: [email protected] Map made by Nick96894.

History: \"Fieldmarshal Montgomery\" designated the Battle about the \"Marethline\" as the hardest since \"El Alamein\". After the allied-victory at the Martehline, the action radius of the axis troops were massive smaller then before.\"Feldmarschall Rommel\" considered a retreat from Africa. Rommel were ordered to Berlin. His successor \"von Arnim\" had have the clear order to continue the fight.

It is your target to cut the axis supply lines. For that you have to conquer the strategic important harbor of Bizerte.

In this mission you will do strategic important tasks in the Battle of Bizerte.The enemy will defend Bizerte persistently and they will not give up.You have to expect a hard fight. Your supply situation is good and the high command will give you reinforcements.

Hinweis: Die Texte innerhalb der Map (Missionsziele) sind in Deutsch geschrieben.


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