Casablanca-Landing in Marroko

Casablanca-Landung in Marokko.map


History: Opereation "Torch": 8. november 1942: The world is in War. In a Series of "Blitzkriegen" the "Wehrmacht" was conquert almost all over Europe. Poland was defeat 1939 the Netherlands, Belgium and the french army are defeat 1940. And 1941 Germany have attack Russia. The Red Army was surpsised and lots of divisions were destroyed. Only the winter stops the german army before Moskau. But 1942 the german troops go on to the east and aproached to the Wolga and the Kaukasus. In Africa the germans defeat the britains and Japan were join the "Achsenmchte" The USA was neutral for a long time. Their wish was to do get involved in a european conflict. But Pearl Habor was the Declaration of War... The first careful step to Europe was the Operation Torch. The Main target was to occupy Morroco, Algeria and Tunisia. The Western Task Force (45000 Soldiers 250 tanks) under the commando of US General Patton were chose to land in Morroco at Casablanca. In the City was a Vichy-French garrison. For your Mission: You command a US Unit to conquer the Port of Casablanca.


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