Command & Conquer: Generals (DUPLICATE)

Command & Conquer Generals puts your trigger finger on the pulse of modern warfare. Choose a General in control of massive armies of bleeding-edge military weaponry across a globe teetering on the bri...

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Name Rating Filesize Downloads
Impact Zone 3.99MB 165
Report abuse CNC STARGATE SG1 V3.05 246.99MB 111
Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Mod New Strike ZH 12.91MB 944
Blitzkrieg 3 Fortress Europe 698.18MB 22,500
Vietnam War (Zero Hour) 216KB 534
Mod Bataille Navale 105.65MB 1,765
Generals Trainer Plus 5 2.05MB 7,513
C&C Generals Add-on Music 1KB 371
Samous Mini Mods 4KB 46
Samous Mini Mod 1 18KB 51
Samous Mini Mod 2 18KB 72
Desert Snow 243KB 52
Generals Shell Map 88KB 138
Really Mixed 1.09MB 106
For the Fly Boys v1.5 20KB 271
Souped Up China Mod for Generals 502KB 222
Terminator - Colonel Burton 10KB 207
Generals Pictures, Tips and FAQs 4.35MB 112
Generals Map Pack 121KB 2,438
Presidio 137KB 148
Farmland Fury 220KB 21
The First Tiberian War v1.5 145.52MB 7,863
Shell Map 138KB 162
The Four Islands 79KB 92
Hammer Cannon Promo Movie (Low-Quality) 7.72MB 65
Mission Dambreaker 314KB 170
Battlefront 285KB 311
SwitchMM Mod Manager 51KB 649
Halogen Promo Video 10.77MB 294
Expanded Wars v0.03 21.85MB 492
Expanded Wars v0.02 (Big) 26.25MB 174
Tower Defense: Trinity Force v2.0 18.19MB 2,376
Tower Defense - Trinity Force Mappack #1 733KB 694
MidEast Crisis 1.2 Installer 154.15MB 12,348
CnC Generals ModToaster Version 1.0 489KB 857
CnC Generals Nova v1.1 Mod 11.23MB 2,492
CnC Generals War of 5 Flags Map 379KB 497
CnC Generals Mountain Fox - Repaired Map 420KB 124
CnC Generals Nuclear Tides Map 4.48MB 213
CnC Generals Defend an Egg (USA) Map 138KB 160
CnC Generals Defend an Egg (China) Map 108KB 165
CnC Generals Defend an Egg (GLA) Map 131KB 185
CnC Generals Dry Gulch Map 617KB 71
CnC Generals Water Works[AI] Map 112KB 218
CnC Generals Autum Nights[AI] Map 724KB 846
CnC Generals Forgotten Realm[AI] Map 510KB 518
CnC Generals Fire Island Map 193KB 36
CnC Generals Dinah Don't Blow Map 321KB 70
Back to Reality Mod v1.2 797KB 751
Killer Mod Beta 1 12.02MB 925