Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour
3 Players

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All Files In Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour 3 Players
3 Players High Paths

You will see why it is called high paths when you play. There is a surpise in the bottom left part of the map for any one who is adventeriou...


3 Players End Of The World

This is my first random placement map, where you have 3 teams in odd or random places instead of the fixed 4 corner battle. This map...


3 Players Cold comfort

This is a 3 player snowy terrain map. The ai is enabled so its good for skirmish or online play. I like 3 player maps because its fun to go...


3 Players Charlie Don't Surf

This is a good map for Zero Hour. There is no AI so it makes good for a online or network battle. Lots of supplyes all over the map. Also 2...


3 Players Eternal Divide

Yet again iggy has sent us in another great map of his. There is no AI so it makes good for a online or network battle. Lots of suprises and...


3 Players Mountain Fortress

Players: 3 Skirmish Compatible: Yes Zero Hour Compatible: Yes This is the perfect map for anyone who has ever wanted to play a ga...


3 Players City Docks

This is a 3-player map set in a city. The ocean is nearby and the city has some docks to conduct trade with neighbouring cities. You'll fin...


3 Players Operation Desert Scorpion

Hehe, the rest of the description is one of the many stories I made for my maps. I had the story in my mind first, so you can decide if the...


3 Players Mini Art of Defense

A small 2-human player version of an art of defense map. It's by the AOD wonder, Rigel6669


3 Players Pearl Harbour

This is a good tactical, 3-player map for Zero Hour. Each base is separated by a few rivers, with 1 large island in the upper left cornor of...


3 Players Snow Triangle

This is a 3 player map set in a snowy environment on a very cold bright night. Mountains form natural borders but there are a lot of mountai...


3 Players Operation Predator

Nice three player map for CnC Generals: Zero Hour. Chek out screenshots and ReadME for more.


3 Players GDI VS NOD

GDI vs Nod: The Final Strike


3 Players Omaha Assault

This is a 2 vs. 1 Multiplayer only map. Skirmish is available sometimes and not at other times. Not recomended for skirmish use as the AI on...


3 Players Operation Alpha

A very dark three player map for Zero Hour, this is a large open battlefield. The start positions are in the 3 corners while the other corn...


3 Players Bay of Rha'aid

This Zero Hour map is a rare breed, it's a three player one! Not only that, but it has the most unique player set up I've seen for Zero Ho...


No Screenshot
3 Players Front Line Battle

This is a 3-player Map made for 1 vrs. 2 comp stomping.


No Screenshot
3 Players Torra Borra

This is a 3-player Desert map. Eye appealing layout.


No Screenshot
3 Players First Strike Map Pack

This is a map pack containing two maps. A 3-player version, and a 6-player version of the same map.


No Screenshot
3 Players Headstrong

This is a uniquely designed 3-player Desert map.


No Screenshot
3 Players Death on the Rhine

This is a 3-player Temperate map from Golden Jay with a central European/German theme.


No Screenshot
3 Players Battle For Fallujah

This is a very nicely detailed 3-player Desert/Urban map from Golden Jay.


No Screenshot
3 Players City Under Fire

This is an eye appealing 3-player Desert map by Pullover-Jonny with a tactically functional layout.


No Screenshot
3 Players Jungle Oil

A large 3-player Island map created by Freedom. Very nice layout with large base areas which allows the AI in skirmish mode to build properl...


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