Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour
5 Players

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All Files In Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour 5 Players
5 Players World

This is an interesting five player map. The "world" is a little off, i don't know which map he was looking at when he made this map, but it...


5 Players Full Art Of Defense

Well Rigel6669 has decided to keep making his kick a$$ maps. This is a 5 player map. This is a little different from Rigel's maps, in this v...


5 Players Hades' Island

This is a 5 player level set in the depths of hell. The action takes place on a big pentagram. Be carefull where you go because fire and exp...


5 Players Radiation Village

Small Town With 2 Nuclear Powerplants


5 Players Full Art Of Defence

Well, despite the idoits that have copyed Rigel6669's full art of defence scripts, Rigel6669 has made us one more of his tight FAOD maps, mo...


5 Players Full art of defence v12

Here is the final version of rigel6669's Full art of defence map. This map features 3 objectives: kill all the air fileds, Defend the build...


5 Players AOD Defend: The Beer

AOD Defend: The Beer has now been released. Check the readme below for more information.


5 Players Death's Summit

Here is a well done 5-player map for Zero Hour. There is the standard layout of 1 player in each corner, and added one player in the center...


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5 Players City of Stadium Lovers

This is an eye appealing 5-player Urban night map.


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5 Players Inferno Island

This is an eye appealing 5-player Island map from Capt. Colesterol.


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5 Players DestroyeR's 3vs2 Compstomp Battle

A 5-Player temperate map for zero hour with lots of space and room to build and many, many chances to capture tech resouces. It is set in a...


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5 Players Moon Mission

A 5-Player skirmish enabled map from Rob for Zero Hour expansion of generals. The map is based on a moon landscape with various sized crater...


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5 Players Conflict Desert Storm

A 5-Player skirmish compatible map for Zero Hour. It's a large desert map with a city near the center.


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5 Players Snow Feud SE

This is a modification of a 5-player Urban snow map originally created by DEN staffer Assassin. City layout has been changed some, and textu...


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5 Players River Valley Assault

A 5-Player Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour skirmish map from psychoclops.


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5 Players A Few Islands Apart

This is a multiplayer or skirmish 5 player map for Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour. Each player is separated by Islands with each playe...


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5 Players WarfrontEx

This map is a 5-player desert themed map placed in a dry, barren, torn terrain environment.


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5 Players The Joining Rivers

A 5 player skirmish map divided by a river and mountains. This map is larger then normal so slow play may happen with a slower computer. Eac...


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5 Players Tundra Tantrums

A 5 player map in the frozen wastelands. All bases have at least two or three sides of protection because of the high ice shelfs. There are...


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5 Players Trained for War (5 Player Version)

Besides your direct routes to other players/enemies, there are many backdoors that are through the mountains and can be tight and slow going...