Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour

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Maps Mountain Fox

The C&C Generals team once again presents the fans with a new multiplayer map: Mountain Fox. This unique layout should please the team playe...


Maps Nuclear Battlegrounds

A new map by iggy6662k. AI is enabled for Skirmish/Online play for people who enjoy facing off with computer.


Maps Temperate Map Pack 1

This is a temperate map pack made by DaRkAlEx and the G.o.a.T. It contains 4 maps and a lite version of the 8 player map.


Maps Map Pack by :DTA

: DTA has just released a map pack with a large variety of maps. All Out Industrial features grassy plains with instrual towns in the middle...


Maps Daytona Beach

Made to look like the worlds most famous beach, Daytona Beach, FL. One supply dock to start out with, four through out the middle with Four...


Maps Flooded Plains Tank Warz v4

A tank war warz. There are certain unit/buildings you can build water goes up and down so DO NOT build on the sand andything on the bridges...


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Maps Deepblue v2

More detail and some more air carriers and remember anything above or on the blue sand will die.


Maps Willietoo's Map Pack

A Map Pack of Willietoo's maps! 20 different maps to play with.


Maps FSL Cloth

1vs1 map, almost flat with no obstacles, each player starts at a corner, AI Hard Army is very difficult to beat, 4 Oil Derricks and 2 refine...


Maps Liberation

CIA intellegence has picked up traces of a rather lethal, supposed "toxin", in the atmosphere off the coast of Tiriki beach. It has been...


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Maps Too Slow Today

The rules are basically the same as skirmish but your ally doesn't build a nuke. They dont use most of the generals skill points. There isn...


Maps Survival Map Pack

Here's a map pack of 8 maps for Zero Hour. Many of them are made for no-rush style play, made for building up your base before attacking....


Maps Mapper Guild Mappack

Here's another map pack for us to play with! 6 maps, all well done. These maps are above average, but not quite excellent. The texture jo...


Maps MG Mappack IV

Hello there dedicated Zero Hour fans, Its my pleasure to announce you that the [url="


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Maps Official Zero Hour Map - Iron Dragon

The C&C Generals team once again presents the fans with a new multiplayer map: Iron Dragon.


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Infantry Mod Command and Conquer: Generals oldmanfunk 1. Installation 2. Features 3. Uninstallation 4. Misc/C...


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Maps Dark Bayman Map Pack #8

This map pack contains four eye appealing maps.


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Maps LiquidSkin Map Pack

This map pack contains three eye appealing maps, all with nice clean layouts.


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Maps Wiper Map Pack

This map pack includes 4 eye appealing maps.


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Maps The Octagon V2

This is an 8-player 'no frills' Desert Map with a unique octagon design.


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Maps DEN Christmas Map Pack 2004

This is the DEN's annual Christmas Map that also includes a bonus map this year!


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Maps Remy Map Pack

This is a map pack containing 3 temperate maps.


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Maps Stout Map Pack

This is a map pack that contains seven maps