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Mods USA Reborn

Changes: All USA buildings and unit's are just $10 Every USA building or unit is build in less then 5 seconds The Cold Fusion Reac...


Mods The Finest Hour Demo

This is a demo verson of The Finest Hour which allows you play as the germans. Enjoy!


Mods Lazer's mini-mod

A great mini-mod by laserbeam418, modifys many of the game features.


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Mods SJ Sound Mod V.1.0

This mod replaces most of the weapon firing sounds to much more realistic versions. Some of the weapons have had their fire rates changed a...


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Mods Ai Bot version 1.0

Tank gen : Upgraded... Super Weapon: Upgraded .. its a hard one to beat lol Inf gen: Upgraded .. still needs work Dem gen: upgraded .. st...


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Mods Zero Hour Reloaded

This mod changes the units weapons and health. Just an extension, but a good 1 check out the tomahawk missile launcher and overlord!


Mods Zero Hour Blood Mod

This file will put blood in the game, infantry will bleed when shot and creat blood pools when they die, get run over, or anything else. Jus...


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Mods Zero Hour Reloaded v1.5

This Mod edits all the generals and what they have Only changed (so far) Nuke, Tank (abit), Infantry, Laser, Airforce, Superweapon and demo...


Mods Overkill Zero Hour

On this mod everything has been upgraded. E.g. Upgrades complete in 0.01 seconds Super weapons charge instantly Everything moves and fire...


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Mods Blitzkrieg II Version 0.37 Patch

Latest Patch for the Blitzkrieg II mod.


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Mods Nuker's Zero Hour Reborn V4.0 Patch

This is a fix for Nuker's Zero Hour Reborn V4.0. It only fixes minor problems that occured. The credit still goes to nuker for the incre...


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Mods No Intro Mod

This mod removes the intro movie when the game starts up. It has only been tested with Zero Hour version 1.02.


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Mods Blitzkrieg 2 Patch

The next thing is the latest patch for Blitz2, v038. This fixes many of the bugs found in the previous version as well as does some other sm...


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Mods Fire Power

This mod is just like it says it adds alot more fire power to all sides us, china, and gla. All the generals are the same but all regular a...


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Mods Zero Hour Reloaded

This Mod edits all the generals and what they have. Adds things like the ICBM, GLA airfield and Boatyards For All! Also Includes nearly all...


Mods An Act Of War

WARNING TO ALL UNITED STATES ARMED FORCES AND CIVILIANS OVERSEAS: Intelligence indicates unusually high amounts of communication between ter...


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Mods My Favorite Generals Enhanced

This is a mod for Generals: Zero Hour. It tweeks a few of the generals, setting them up with quite a few more things, upgrades, units. Read...


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Mods NZ Balance

This is the mod for serious players who wants more balance than previously found in official patch 1.02. Furthermore, this mod strives to m...


Mods Overkill Desperate Tactics

Features of Mod: 1) No intro 2) Infantry bleed 3) All units/base defenses rapid fire 4) Avengers now attack ground units 5) G...


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Mods My Boss

My Boss (AKA weapons dealer). This is basically the preview of the new mod I have been working on. It will be called Weapons Dealer. Unli...


Mods Tomahawk General

This mod adds my Tomahawk General ingame, you can play as him but not against him (due to no A.I) he is only available for Skirmish games. T...


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Mods Weapons Dealer

While the us and china are battling the gla a new threat has risen up.The Weapons Dealer. The weapons dealer has no allies. He has the bes...


Mods Mini-mod

Mini-mod made by Picard131. It's for C&C: Zero Hour.


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Mods Ace Combat 4

Here's an Ace Combat alpha release. It changes a few vehicles around, and begins replacing the USA side with ISAF