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Mods Sounds of War

The first in a series of modifications for Zero Hour changing the sounds of units to more realistic quotes. This one is of the US Ranger.


Mods Mini-Mod Pack

The first in a series of minor gameplay changes for Zero Hour. This one lincludes an Advanced Commanche, Advanced Marauder, Generals promot...


Mods Zero Hour Reborn: The Last Stand

Well Reborn fans here it is, Zero Hour Reborn: The Last Stand (V.5.0). Nuker has been working non stop to give you all what you want. My cla...


Mods Project Raptor

A modification which includes naval vessels, improved units and new units and upgrades!


Mods Energy Mod

A modification that adds a whole lot of new structures, units and superweapons! It even has three new generals. The way they implemented N...


Mods Tomahawk General

Here's a modification that adds three Generals: The Napalm General, Ambush General, and, you guessed it, the Tomahawk General.


Mods Conflict Renewed

A modification that adds three new Generals: the China Support General, the USA Ground Assault General, and the GLA Quick Strike General.


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Mods Ace Combat 4

Ace Combat 4 Total conversion for Zero Hour. This version just adds a few test objects and planes.


Mods An Act Of War

An Act of War is a total conversion for C&C Generals: Zero Hour. An Act of War is based around a gripping, alternate reality storyline. Alo...


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Mods Arsenal Gear

Here's a nice modification that adds quite a few new units to Zero Hour, and gives each side an extra Vehicle Hero unit.


Mods Tower Defense

Here is a neat mod I found. It’s taking the style of game play from Art of defense and making a mod around it. You play as the defender and...


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Mods Project Raptor Patch

Here's patch for PR 2.4 that fixes a few bugs. I'd recommend you download it if you're playing PR2.4


Mods C&C Holland

CnC Holland is a mod for Command and Conquer General Zero Hour. This mod adds the Dutch to the game. Other than adding only the main country...


Mods Zero Hour Mod Manager

Here's a very handy mod switcher for Zero Hour. If you want to add a new mod, then simply select the mod and enable it, or disable it.


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Mods Advanced Marauder Mini-Mod

This adds the Advanced Marauder tank to be added to the GLA side. Requires Zero Hour Mod Manager. To install, simply unzip the file an...


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Mods Skill Mini-Mod

This mini-mod makes it so you hardly have to get any experience to get to the next level.


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Mods Power Mini-Mod

This mini-mod makes it so the Generals Powers count down a heck of a lot faster, for more destruction! Requires Zero Hour Mod Manager....


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Mods Rank Mini-Mod

This modification gives you a whole lot more skill points at each rank so you can get every upgrade you want! Requires Zero Hour Mod Mana...


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Mods Mod swapper

Here is a tool that you can use to quickly swap between total conversions such as an act of war and ZH reborn v5.0. Just run the install .ex...


Mods Zero Hour Giant Battle V2.0 Navy Battle

Here's an interesting mod created by Saddam that has lots of new navel units as well as others. This mod also includes weapon balances, ar...


Mods The First Tiberian War

Well everyone, The TFTW mod team has finely released the first public version of The First Tiberian War. Due to servers issues the TFTW mod...


Mods Megaton bomb

As many of you complain about the GLA surviving the chinese Nuke, I decided to build a megaton device capable of wiping out ANY GLA vermin!...


Mods General Leang Mod

Have you ever wanted to have the advantages of, say... Infantry General while you were Tank General? Well, now you have the advantages of ev...


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Mods Imperial Assault Demo

Includes Imperial Assault menu screen and interface with shell map, and demo mission. Skirmish and Multiplayer play is disabled.