5 Star Generals -beta-

This is a beta version.

This mod is designed specifically for Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour v1.04. It is an advanced port of my...


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This is a beta version.

This mod is designed specifically for Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour v1.04. It is an advanced port of my "Nuclear Death" mod from C&C:Generals. Even more units have been added, along with new capabilites for all sides. The GLA can now generate power with their oil refinery and now have air units. A new superpower has been added, along with a new structure to use it.

If you wish to do solo skirmishes, do not assign the computer any of the new generals, use only the game's built-in generals for their use. I have not been able to get the AI to work properly with this mod. If you can get it to work, please contact me at [email protected]

You may freely distribute and change this mod as you see fit as long as you provide credit where it is due and supply me with any fixes you find so that I can incorporate them into future versions (crediting you of course).

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Download '5stargeneral.zip' (25.88MB)

Total Command Mod v 1.0

Designed only for:
C&C Generals: Zero Hour v1.04


     Take command, General, and use the combined abilities of your Generals to eliminate your enemies.  You are responsible for the defense and safety of your people, and have been put in charge of all of your people’s forces.  Control all units in the air, on the land, and at sea, using current and prototype units.  The war is not over, and the world is your battlefield…


General Information:

     This mod is designed specifically for Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour v1.04.  The mod merges the best units for each faction from the Generals Challenges and allows them to be controlled by a single General.  These three new Generals are: USA Chief of Staff General Myers, China Minister of National Defense General Gangchuan, and GLA Terrorist Leader bin Laden.  Each faction has received a major boost in firepower and available units.

     In addition, I have incorporated many new units that were made available through other mods.  By merging many of these other mods into this one, the unit availability, weapons, structures, and overall game play has been substantially increased.  I want you all to know that I am not a modeler/skinner, nor am I the original coder for the added units.  The individuals responsible for the new units are:

  - eRe and BananasTheClown for the AirForce Mod that got me started on this
  - Matt21411 for the killer A/C-130 Mod (sorry, I had to tone it down to level the play)
  - Jason Vanover and Brian McKinney for the Bradley/Blackhawk Mod
  - Chris T Hill and Fabius for the NewTechModr3, one hell of an addition
  - jakeydude666 for the Tomahawk Battery Model
  - Mere Mortal for the Armageddon mod
  - Anyone else – I apologize if I missed you, so let me know so I can credit you: [email protected]

     I have mainly modified the units to improve their weapons and the way they work within the game.  There are some units that have minor flaws with weapon allocation issues, but since I am only familiar with scripting, I was limited in my abilities to rectify those issues.  For the most part, all units function well.  I have labored heavily to incorporate a function AI for all 5 star generals, but I have not been able to get it to work.  This primarily limits the mod to skirmishes against multiple built-in generals.  I never got permission to use the Red Dawn mod to add the 4th faction as originally planned, so some work was done to remove those elements that I had incorporated in advance…



1.  Place the mod file “5StarGenerals.big” in the Zero Hour root directory
(example: C:Program FilesEA GamesCommand & Conquer Generals Zero Hour)
2.  Start the game as you normally would…


1.  Delete the mod file “5StarGenerals.big” from the Zero Hour root directory


The Units:

     There are way too many units added for me to reasonably list them here.  Many new upgrades have been created to balance the game, and all factions have a new superpower.  This is a beta version, so any issues you have with the actual function of the units or super powers, please let me know: [email protected]

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