A Bridge Too Far

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This two player map has the start points at the bottom of the map, in seperate corners. This is a good rushing map because there is a pathway through the mountains seperating the two players. There is a large bridge at the top of the map... i don't know why it doesn't sever any purpose, just there for looks i guess. The start point has a good amount of build space. the map has little his and is very detailed, there are a few little towns scattered around the map. It's a pretty good map. By the way, the Ai is enabled so you can play it as a skirmish or online.



created by Hippy

Map name:A Bridge to Farr	

2 player-skirmish enabled

This was my fourth map, not usually as direct as it looks,the island is an important early goal.

To Install unzip folder to C:\My documents\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour data\maps


any comments to [email protected]

All my maps are Zero hour ready and feature new tech buildings,traffic and pedestrians.

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