This is a good 4 player map. The AI is enabled but as your can see in a screanshot they dont know where to attack, Still good for blowing them up :D. Lots of tech and empty vehicles around the map. Easy to defend and a ton of build space.



Map Name : Arena - Alpha
Author : _Hellfury_
E-mail : [email protected]
Realesed : 22/01/04
Players : 4 (2vs2)
Requires : Zero Hour

The map is a simple 2vs2 map with all four starting places equal.  There is pleanty of cash and a good quantity of tech for a long game, the map is easy to defend and can be quite fast.  It is best played on a 2vs2 (LvsR) but it can be played free-for-all.  In the centre there are some empty units for the fastest player.

This map has NO AI so cant be played on skirmishes but due to the design of the map it is very small (smaller than the preview) it is sutable for multi-player.

To install this map just extract the contents of this zip to the relevant folder (usualy C:\Documents and Settings\<Your user name>\My Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Data\Maps ).  If the map is in the folder inside a sub-folder called &quot;Arena - Alpha&quot; the map should be ready for use.

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