An Act Of War

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An Act of War is a total conversion for C&C Generals: Zero Hour. An Act of War is based around a gripping, alternate reality storyline. Along with the multiplayer gameplay, An Act of War will feature two singleplayer campaigns, one following the United States, the other Iraq.

- An Act of War features three new sides, The United States, Iraq, and North Korea - 35+ new units in the first release - 18+ new buildings in the first release - New particle systems for realistic gameplay - New multiplayer maps, released in packs - New sounds and voices - Two full singleplayer campaigns - New action-packed, Generals-style shellmap showing off some of the new units & civilian buildings - Action-packed gameplay spanning all over the world, from the streets of Los Angeles, to war-torn Iran - Live action video reports from the Iraqi media! - Full support, the AAOW team is dedicated to making this mod right



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