Apline Border and The Crimsin Winter

This map-pack contains two 4 player maps made by FrostyZA. The first one is Apline Border. This map has a large river/canyon dividing the pl...


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This map-pack contains two 4 player maps made by FrostyZA. The first one is Apline Border. This map has a large river/canyon dividing the players, by seperating them 2 by 2. This map makes for a good online map as a 2 vs. 2 map. There is a lot of building space and some tech buildings scattered around the map. It is ai enabled so it also can be played as a skirmish. The second map is called The Crimsin Winter. It is has a winter setting (obviously) with plenty of build space. In the middle there is a hugh amount of resources. This map however is not ai enabled so it is for online play only. The first three screenies are for Apline and the other three for Winter.

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Download 'apline_border_and_the_crimsin_winter.zip' (306KB)

Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour™
----------FrostyZA Maps-------------

Version: 2003/11/03

<1> The Alpine Border™:
* A 2vs2 tournament map.
* A river divides the 2 teams.
* A single large bridge binds the opposite beds of the river.
* 2 Supply docks and 2 oil derricks for each team.
* 8 other oil derricks in the fire zones.
* 4 oil refineries in the fire zones.
* Bunker laden borders.
* Most bunkers indestructable-protection against excessive airial bombardment.
* Large base areas.
* Fantastic Alpine atmosphere.
TIP: Use flash bangs, flame or toxin weapons to clear out bunkers then you occupy them!

<2> The Crimson Winter™:
* A 2vs2 strategy map.
* AI/Skirmish enabled.
* Based on GowmanAG AI maps.
* Each team begins in a corner of the map.
* A single large mountain in the middle with resources.
* Surrounding the mountain is oil derricks.
* Each team begins on a ridge with 3 access routes.
* Reasonable starting resources.
* Bunker laden routes and choke points.
* Reasonable base areas.
* Exotic arctic atmoshpere.
* Crimson Morning time.
TIP: King-of-the-Hill!

A PIII 1ghz with 256mb ram for minimal performance.

Installation Instructions:
Extract the zip to \My Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data\Maps.

* These maps may not be reproduced/edited in any form without prior consent from the author.
* You may distribute these maps freely.
* These maps were not created with 'cheating' as my intention, so you may not add any more money
  to the maps
* If you do find that money has been added to the map ...
* ...please inform me about the situation because it is fairly common that certain 'individuals'
  do convert good maps into cheating maps(by adding money to their spawn areas.)

Author: FrostyZA
E-mail & MSN: [email protected]

Any complaints, suggestions, reports would be appreciated and will be viewed\responded.
Have fun!
Regards from South Africa! ;D

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